Pleiadian Institute

Master Healer Scholarship

On the 25th September 2021 I was granted the Rachel K Cardoza Master Healer Scholarship via Pleiadian Institute. A 4-year commitment and expansive journey deepening my personal practice and adding layers while filling in the gaps in my professional development.

This unique 4-year certification program weaves together 5 foundational modalities and EFT. I have previous training in some and opening up to new learnings as well.

  • DNA Activation and Attunement (Light body and 7x Rays of Light)

  • USUI Reiki Master

  • Crystal Healing Therapist Certification

  • Spiritual Intuitive Healer Certification

  • Integrative Energy Therapy Systems Certification

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Training

I am in the first 36 months of the program and this is all healing and learning, the final 6 months I immerse myself in the Transcendent Business Practicum which will build on my current structure and provide additional support in expanding the Salt Earth & Soul practice.

Aimee Rebekah Shea is the woman behind Indigo International and has chosen to mentor me through out the scholarship. This is no coincidence as our souls chose this time for us to reconnect before we entered this incarnation.

While in the Sacred Ancestral Healing and DNA Clearing training my higher self said that whatever comes next education wise will fill the gaps. Fast forward a fortnight and I have applied for and was a successful recipient of the Rachel K Cardoza Master Healing Scholarship. What I didn’t know until my first Light body attunement with Aimee that she put out the call for the right energy to apply for the scholarship. I answered that call and I am the FIRST Australian student enrolled at Pleiadian Institute. Aimee felt strong emotions reading my application, I had the same emotional response when I read I was successful in my application.

December 2021 I was recognised on the Pleiadian Institute website as a Practitioner in Training for the Master Healer program.

I have created a separate Blog for my Pleiadian Institute - Master Healer Journey, this will be a mix of what I am doing, journal entries, experiences, learnings, Aura portrait and energy updates from the SEAS Your Vibe Energy Report as I move through the program.