Your vehicle is a reflection of your energy field

Your vehicle reflects your energy... Hear me out! I have referenced this concept many times over the years as I whole heartedly believe it to have substance. The working theory is your car, van, bus, truck your main form of transport is what is guiding your direction.

It literally TAKES YOU PLACES.

General upkeep and maintenance comes in to it.

Colour symbolism comes into it.

The age of your vehicle comes into it.

Even the power in your vehicle has meaning.. the meaning?


Your vehicle is the physical representation of yourself in this moment NOW. If you maintain your vehicle, ensure it is serviced frequently and clean. The chances are, you are also looking after your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self too.

My car is a little red, 5 door hatch (historically I am the only owner) – red represents vitality and getting shit done. THIS IS ME!

Recently we moved house, this first 6w in the space was chaotic AF. The day after we moved in my son tested positive for COVID, then my daughter got it, we had a hospital trip, then I had it.

In this time we found out the line for the Broadband at the house was fucked by the previous tenant so we didn’t have WIFI for THREE WEEKS – I also don’t have a TV. We have an all-in-one-pc with access to streaming services.. that was useless without the WIFI.

Granted the healing, the sleeping, the unpacking kept us busy however it was a long three weeks, I was looking forward to getting out and into our routine. Just before I come out of “lock down” I discovered my car had a flat tyre.

This pissed me off – it was on my list to replace all tyres however I wanted to settle in our home before I spent that cash. It needed to be done and there was a sense of urgency around it. This piqued my curiosity as to what it represented, it felt like more than just changing the tyres

Looking at some of my resources and a bit of googling the flat LEFT REAR TYRE represented the lack of enthusiasm about my spiritual direction. This was legit the last couple of months I had, I was not interested at all in doing it. See I have a commitment six nights a week for forty weeks I partake in a meditation connecting to the light with my light body activations in the scholarship program at Pleiadean Inst. The 3D daily responsibility, adulting and being in the housing market was enough to manage. Prior to the move I had been doing my nightly meditations however I wasn’t putting the energy into it I wanted to. Then moving in we didn’t have the internet so I wasn’t able to just log into my portals to do them.

After reflecting on it, the urgency made sense. I needed that practice and to create new routine to flow with how we are in this space.

So then I looked into it a bit more – I wont take ALL my information from one source I need at least three before I commit to a concept or thought process. The other ailments in my car, when I first purchased it 5 years ago there was a rock that hit my windscreen and formed a little crack. The general representation was not holding a strong belief in my direction. This made sense I was torn between working, living, and pursuing my spiritual pursuits this was my first job since having my son. He was around three and I had been in this job almost two years.

Adding to this crack in the windscreen was the faulty windscreen wipers – vision, not seeing the direction I am headed and of course the Break lights – lacking boundaries.

If you notice your vehicle playing up – be kind to it. Keeping in mind if you talk like shit to your vehicle you will end up feeling the emotional side effect of it.

Just like your home, your vehicle is an extension of YOUR energy. Your direction and where you are headed in life requires good clean energy to be conducive to the desired outcome.

Other Ailments / Representations;

Left side – Spiritual direction

Right side – Physical direction

Old Car – Stuck in “old ways”

New Car – Upgrade and fresh outlook.

Large Car – Big Impression – carrying a lot.

Powerful vehicle – Decisive and achieve goals with ease.

Damaged and dirty – Not looking after themselves 100% (long term or a recent timeline).

Boot / Break lights – Lacking boundaries.

Breaks – Distraction or fear causing literal ‘breaks’ in plans, frequently stopping.

Locking keys inside – Difficulty seeing the “how” of desired direction.

Loosing keys – Difficulty seeing the “why” of desired direction.

Lighting – Difficulty seeing

If you’re in your OLD car and noticed the LEFT hand LIGHTS are faulty and you LOCKED KEYS INSIDE, you may resonate with having difficulty seeing the how of your spiritual path due to aligning more so with the “old ways” and comfort zone.

If you are wanting to learn more about energy and emotional ailments, this is covered as a 'bonus' subject in Salt Earth & Soul's Usui Reiki First Degree, Second Degree and Master activation and attunement.

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