Soul Encodement Energy Anchor

The Soul Encodement Energy Anchor; I believe I was in the second intake for this DIVINE offering from Amber at The Watershed Initiative.

What is it?

Any write up I deliver won't do it justice. Below is the extract from the WSI website. I want to give this the respect it deserves and also the context in which is was delivered when I decided on the commitment, let me reassure you this is a big commitment. Not in the financial sense, energetically. Not for toe-dippers and those not willing to do the work.. Read on below and you will see what I mean.

"Think of it like a key, to unlocking undeveloped potential, reawakening dormant gifts, connecting you into your Guides and specific Galactic Energy (if this is your desire). They are designed to link you in with your other aspects of self, to assist you with coming back into remembrance of your multifaceted, multiuniversal soul self. They assist you to realign to your purpose, and get back on track with living your fullest truth, within this life. They act as gateways, or portals for your consciousness to travel – to other dimensions, realms, worlds. To bring through knowledge and information relevant to your soul’s evolution. They also assist with energetic protection."

- Amber Cumings The Watershed Initiative

Wait, but HOW?

Each anchor is individual to the client and is brought through in consultation between both teams of spirit guides. This ensures only the relevant codes, frequencies and information is anchored to the client. Amber sees this as a 3D map pulsing with sacred geometry, shapes and lines of energy. She is to convert this into a 2D representation for the client to work with.

What do you actually get?

Uh well shit, an exciting on-going personal, spiritual and energetic development plan. You don't see in advance what is on the agenda. It kind of just happens. You also receive a laminated original of the perfectly-imperfect hand-drawn code as well as a couple of photo-copies. There is an email to accompany the code with information on how to anchor and where it is anchored. By the time you have received this hard-copy it has already been anchored within your energetic blue-print waiting to be activated.

What do you do with it?