Shadow Portrait

What is a shadow portrait?

A shadow portrait is based on a reading that looks at your past life, soul purpose, higher self and obstacles. From this information spirit assists Cristina in choosing images and animals that align with your soul purpose and overcome your obstacles.

Each commissioned piece is intended to be part of an oracle set in the making.

Where did this concept come from?

Cristina Sevelj the incredible artist behind Cristina Sevelj Shadow Arts. Around 20 years ago Cristina was going through a dark phase of her life and was drawing a picture "for no reason" describing it as "merely doodling" the end result she found was a powerful piece and felt uneasy in its presence. With that keeping it stored in a box in the cupboard for years.

It resurfaced when she was experiencing her own dark-night-of-the-soul reading a book on the shadow and it has mentioned "we keep our shadows in a box in the cupboard." Cristina had unknowingly drawn her shadow, over the years she had been asked by several people to draw their shadows as a result Shadow Arts was born.

Cristina explains the original Shadow Portrait no longer intimidates her she has found more and more each day she is stepping out of the shadows and into the fullness of her being. The original shadow portrait sits framed on display in her home studio in Perth, Western Australia.

Missa's experience

In October of 2019 I saw that Cristina had posted in one of the local spiritual pages advertising she was in Fremantle, WA at the Psychic & Healing Expo taking commissions for 2020. I was less than an hour away so I reached out and asked if I could secure one of the spots.

In May 2020 around my birthday I sat in on my portrait with Cristina. Arriving late (divine timing as always) we had travelled from Doubleview down to Cristina's Studio near Mandurah WA. I am not one for being late so for me the fuck around I was furious. Christina said she had a feeling I would be late something about the energy like her meeting mine for the session.

Before the session Cristina had meditated and saw a Black Cockatoo (I ADORE THEM) from memory in the reading there was pillars coming into the age of Aquarius I am creating something new, never been done before. Also past-lives were all about survival, I am now safe to work with the higher chakras. Just before I left Cristina took a photo of of my face with and without the glasses on.

Cristina had her whole creative process turned upside down with the Pandemic as her family were schooling and working from home. Just like I had many times before with my spiritual work I was totally fine with the delay as I knew it would be well worth the wait. FUCK DID SHE EVER DELIVER.

Attached is a screenshot of Cristina's page sharing her own shadow craft portrait, it is placed on her altar between a mannequin head holding an owl mask (embodying wisdom) and of course the Original Shadow Portrait from all those years go. Christina shares in this post that the crows speak to her (They are a messenger bird after-all). "...The crow's black feathers are symbolic of the void of creation, the storehouse of infinite potential from where everything is born. It is the womb from which all new experiences emerge. The crow reminds me to let go of myself, that the time of change is here and that I must embrace the great mystery and magic that awaits me."

COLLECTION; November 2020 I received a message from Cristina letting me know my portrait was awaiting collection, we arranged a date. I headed down with my mum and bub to collect. I was anxious and excited to see what she had created. And pondered if she had created my portrait with the glasses or without. As my glasses are part of my physical looks since I was a teenager. I arrived at the studio and was lead into the studio my eyes went straight to her. I wasn't expecting such a strong emotional response. I didn't notice at the time Cristina's studio was in the process of being renovated too, it was perfect all the same.


PAST; Mental Conflict Card

Past lives working through lower chakras of survival, stability and safety to create solid foundations and grow deep roots. These lives left me feeling confused about who I really am as all my attention was focused on surviving.

OBSTACLE; Triumph Card

This card suggests there is a guilt in my open and passionate nature. The intuitive wisdom that come through ..."She is so determined and driven and all her life she has been made to feel as though this is a negative and that she is selfish. She needs to realise these qualities are gifts and are a blessing to the world. as putting herself first and pursuing her own interests and passions she inspires others to do the same and demonstrates what is possible when we give ourself permission to pursue our own happiness. '

The underlying belief is that she is selfish for wanting those things, she has had this reflected to her by her family. She will have to face this again soon and it is like it is a final test of sorts. She is so strong, inherently strong and she has all the resources at her disposal that she will be able to hold onto her beliefs and aspirations and will not allow others or the belief of selfishness to get into the way."

MESSAGE FROM SPIRIT; Transformation Card

"It is time to shed old skin and to transform who she really is, she has created enough solid foundations to allow herself to shed the old and become a new person. To see the world through new eyes. To release the old persona."

SOUL PURPOSE; Patience and Planning Card

"Soul purpose is to receive new blueprints and and new frequencies that are coming through and to manifest them. This is part of a new infrastructure wanting to come through. It is something that has not been done before. This is new information. It is in alignment with spirit. There is transcendence of the first three chakras an elevation from existing to thriving. The old is falling away and the new is emerging, give birth to this.

She has come to learn to see her drive and ambition as a gift and not as selfishness. The more she can embrace herself and let go of this limiting belief the more she will inspire others with her accomplishments. The sky is really the limits with her."

NOW; Patience card

Simply focus on there here and now, what's grabbing your attention in this moment. Do not overthink it, if you are inspired by something give it all your attention even if it does not seem to be part of your greater goal. Know that by doing so that it will all go together harmoniously and smoothly. It is part of a greater plan unfolding through you.

DRIVEN; Symbol meaning (as per Cristina)

Above you I have drawn a bull skull adorned with fuscia flowers. The spirit of the bull harnesses the energy of determination and drive, helping you embrace these qualities within yourself. The bull helps you stay focused on your goals and ambitions, to be bold and steadfast and to stay the course. Some cultures through out the world associate the bull with moon worship because of the bulls horns which are crescent shaped. Even though the bull encapsulates the masculine energy within you, the association with the moon suggests it is your intuition that is driving your actions.

The fuscia flower is common in Scotland and Ireland and have a pendulous teardrop shape. Their unique shape enables one to make a "fairy" from the flower by leaving two stamens which becomes the legs that protrude from the petal skirt. Their association with the fairy realm encourages you to dream and imagine a world beyond what is humanly possible. The fuscia flower is pollinated by humming birds which are a great symbol of joy. Remember that when your actions are driven by excitement and joy you are on the right path.

The circular pattern that surrounds you is meant to symbolize the light, wisdom and information that is streaming down upon you and which is available for you to access and utilise.

The parrot soars with its wings, outstretched upon your chest encourages you to spread your own wings out and reach for the stars, it is time for you to stop holding yourself back. Parrots can draw our attention to our self-talk. Become aware of your own self talk, are you being kind to yourself or are you perhaps doubting or discrediting yourself unknowingly.

As the parrot is drawn over your heart chakra, make a note to connect to your heart and to the energy of love when speaking. As parrots are known for their skills of repeatedly saying the same thing, this encourages you to make use of affirmations or mantras that are heart centered. As you do this you will experience a sense of personal freedom unlike you have felt before. As parrots are very social animal this suggests that it is spirits intention for you to share your wisdom, energy, love and compassion with others so that you may up life the collective.

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