Reiki Rules & Principles

Reiki Rules & Principles

I have been reading up on some of my resources and this includes particular articles about the Reiki modality as whole. The article I am pondering was titled “Reiki Rules”.

My specific teaching style when in the training room I use the conversational approach, and sharing my own personal experiences as a healer and trainer. When it comes to the Five Reiki Principles I encourage the “guide” approach. This is due to the fact we live in a different time to Dr. Usui.

“Just for today, I will not anger” we are souls living the human experience and we are consistently shedding, integrating and healing. On a more complex level us as soul in our current human body could have resolved all of this dimensions and incarnations lessons, how about the past life, karmic and ancestral bleed throughs we have the responsibility of healing?

Anger becomes an issue when you UNRESOURCEFULLY release it. Often behind anger is sadness, sorrow, shame, pain, it goes so much deeper than what you see on the surface level. If you suppress your anger, It will show up loud or in other ways that don’t serve you. Facing it head on, feeling it, acknowledging it and working through it will allow the trigger to eventually not gain a response.

With that I share that the Principles are a guide. This brings me to the article. “Reiki Rules” some of these fall under common sense. Stick to your skillset, Reiki works beautifully with other modalities when used with permission. Unless you have attended University completed a degree you are not a doctor, You cannot give medical advice regardless of your lived experience you are not medically trained don’t do it.

Nor can you force Reiki on anyone – with that ALWAYS ASK PERMISSION. Following this is ethics, show up in your business and practice as a Healer / Master and BE ETHICAL. This encompasses healing and teaching from the heart space. Pre-framing your clients. Remember you are a channel for the energy specifically with the Reiki modality. If your Clair senses and gifts are online serve from the heart space and remember you activated these gifts and accepted the attunement so you can serve people not yourself.

Remaining HUMBLE and GRATEFUL for your gifts is a must to ensure Ego and Arrogance don’t take over. How do you know when Ego or arrogance have taken over? The assumption you know what is best for your clients, and also attachment to the outcome. Your clients will get what they need and the Reiki will always travel where it needs to go.

The one that started this post? Don’t give Free Reiki, with the exception of an emergency. The reasoning behind this is accumulating Karmic Debt for both the healer and the client.

The circuit is only complete when you give and receive.

The other layer of this is respecting the modality and ask for an energy exchange.

“Freebies are not respected – the product looses value.” Ok that is fair what about on the other side of the coin? An example you have given a free 20 min taster or session to someone and the lesson in that for them following this wonderful experience is allowing themselves to receive?

Accumulating Karmic Debt, what exactly is Karmic Debt? It is determined by accumulation of the negative energy from the behaviors and actions throughout lifetimes as well as performing destructive actions, and abusing power. For example in a previous life you were a guard in a castle and you abused the villagers day in day out you were just a prick to deal with. Part of this was you abused your position of power to keep everyone you perceived as below you feeling fearful. This was purely for your own gain emotionally, physically and in reputation – that behavior and demeanor would accrue Karmic Debt.

How does giving a free Reiki session accrue Karmic Debt when as the Practitioner or Master you are operating from the heart space? It all depends on how you go about it on a conscious and unconscious level.

  • Are you giving a free session as you are too scared to ask for your payment?

  • Are you giving a free session as you believe you aren’t worthy of being paid?

  • Are you making the decision to give free reiki as you believe they “need” it?

  • This next one is a biggie, are you giving free reiki “to HELP them” - best intentions aside the rescuer dynamic is not helpful to your client as you are putting them in Victim and as the authority your job is to empower and support, rather than disempower. (If you want to know more about this look up The Drama Triangle.)

  • Are you giving a free session as they are a loyal client as a thank you?

  • Are you giving a free session to someone disadvantaged (example child for a single mum with financial stress).

  • Are you giving a free session to hone in on your skill or gain certification?

  • Are you giving a free session with the expectation to “receive” at a later date and not sharing those intentions.

Your intention in this space, consciously and unconsciously have a much larger flow on effect when working with energy.

I will share an experience of my own here between my First Degree Initiation and my Second Degree. I had two Masters, the First Degree Master was a masseuse, she also trained others in Reiki and various massage modalities – she wasn’t super woo-woo spiritual. My second Master is an empath and exactly the super-woo-woo-spiritual I was looking for.

In my Second Degree Attunement one of the teachings was to always ask for permission, I asked well what about ambulances?” This is a huge FUCK NO.

See I had so much anxiety driving, hearing sirens triggered me. My way of dealing was channeling the Reiki Energy and sending to the ambulance as a way of "helping" and "doing a good deed" while also knowing it would self heal and calm me as the vessel. The repercussions of that seemingly innocent interaction could have meant someone misses out on a valuable life lesson because I choose to interfere essentially for my own gain. In that circumstance (didn’t happen frequently) I gave Free Reiki, not only that I did it without any sort of permission and due to my anxiety I had stepped into Ego/Arrogance as a protection. I wasn’t serving anyone from that space.

“...BUT seeing an ambulance indicates an emergency.” Yep I see that loop hole. Regardless, you ask the higher self of the person in the situation if you can Reiki them. If the person is unable to say Yes or No to you physically, you can always communicate with and ask their higher self for the answer.

In another circumstance I gave a free session to a woman when I sat my First Degree Activation, all I did was hold space for her to clear whatever she needed and after that session she had a great result. My intention in that healing was to allow the energy to do the work, and the feedback from that session a week or so later is that is exactly what it did.

Dr Usui is considered the Father of Modern Reiki and set the guidelines for how it should be taught, he was born in August 1865, passing in 1926 that is just shy of 96 years ago. He had his way of attuning students, with Madam Takata changing his history to appeal to the Western World the methodology has seen adaptions and changes.

Common Sense comes into play when practicing, as well as asking yourself frequently as a Healer and Master “What is my intention here?”

“Am I being of service right now” if you get a story it is more than likely you are not in service. It should be a straight YES / NO answer. If you get a No, don’t be hard on yourself get curious, what need am I meeting by choosing this behavior? How else can I meet that need?

If you want to learn more about the Usui Reiki Modality I invite you to reach out. Initiation for the First and Second Degree are online via Zoom with Healing Practitioner Support Group, Usui Reiki manual and certificate included.

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