Rachel K. Cardosa


Rachel would have never considered herself a healer. If you speak to those people that knew and loved her the most, they will tell you that it was her loving presence, her open mind and heart that were healing forces in everyone's life that she was in.

In late 2001, the Dartmouth community lost one of it's most outstanding members and someone close to our hearts. Rachel Cardoza graduated from Dartmouth High School in 1999 and went on to pursue studies in the field of art in both New York and at U Mass Dartmouth. However, her budding career as an artist was never carried to fruition. Rachel's passion for learning and desire to touch the lives of those around her with her artistic expression has formed the foundation of this scholarship. Generous donations from friends, family and local businesses have allowed this scholarship to become a reality.

Art as Therapy

Rachel was a visionary artist. She had dreams to serve people through art.

When we think of health & healing, we do not often think of art.
Rachel's life was an inspiration that lives on forever through her art and through the recipients of this scholarship. When we lead with our hearts and pour ourselves fully into all we do, healing is always the outcome. Although Rachel is no longer with us in human form, her art lives on forever to inspire us. She brought joy and healing through her art and hope for a better future.

Writing as Therapy

Rachel was a visionary in all of the ways she communicated.

She built up her community and family by seeing the best in them.
Through her words, the world became a healthier place to live. Through her words she helped others to see the light that exists in every corner of the Earth.

Aimee Shea shares the beautiful heartfelt words that follow in memory of the Late Rachel K. Cardosa

This is a story about the eternal nature of our spirit. Spirit precedes human form, and is eternal. Love transcends human form and connects us to one another eternally throughout time and space and beyond this human form into the next.

Rachel has inspired me for as long as I can remember. In her childhood years of loving service, in her adulthood as an artist, activist and inspired inhabitant of planet Earth.

Rachel transcended this Earth plane in 2001.

Rachel has been present in my life in the last 20 years in an even more beautiful and powerful spiritually guiding force as she was in the first 20 years that I knew her on Earth.

"Rachel has taught me more than any other human being on Earth about what it means to transcend form, to live fully in the moment with divine purpose and surrender to the flow of life."

Life does not end with death. Your spiritual life-force is running through you right now and it is eternal, it transcends time and space and it connects us forever. I believe there is a greater purpose for our life force than what we can see in the moment.

For the past 8 years, I have been quietly funding the Rachel K. Cardoza Healthcare Visionary Scholarship on my own. Every time I sat down to try to tell people about it, I became overwhelmed with emotion. Today, I am so happy and grateful to share with you the Rachel K. Cardoza Healthcare Visionary Scholarship and the first group of beautiful women who have been awarded this scholarship. Visit this page to learn more about Rachel, the impact she had on the world, and how her spirit lives on in her art, her words and the recipients of her scholarship.

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