mBIT Neuroscience meets ancient wisdom #002

mBIT multiple Brain Integration Techniques. Utilising NLP, Cognitive Linguistics and Behavior Modelling the late Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka have created an incredible modality allowing you to connect, align and communicate with your Head Brain, Heart Brain and Gut Brain.

What happens when your head, heart and gut brains are not aligned?

I have a wonderful graphic the mBraining shared back in 2013 to demonstrate exactly this.

Do you ever feel this way? Perhaps you're in two minds about a decision, or just feeling pulled in many directions?


We begin the day with balanced breathing, and what was cool about it was there is a free download from mBraining that Beth used to guide us and it was actually Grant and Marvin "tinging". This made sense for me, as I have had the pull to get a singing bowl for the business however I was unsure of where I would use it, as I have training commitments for this year and wanting to implement what I know within the business I decided it wasn't appropriate to draw in another element. After this balanced breathing session I understood where that piece of the puzzle would fit.

We would also go around the room and discuss as a group the learnings from the day before. I would team up with people and I would ask them "where do you sit with xyz.." "can you see this in your space" my thoughts are if we don't acknowledge our own "stuff" how will we pick up on it with our clients. There was a lot of information. For example below is a "scale" the ends are considered unbalanced the middle is balanced;

Sedation/Hibernation Action/Drive Impulsiveness

I see myself moving between all three however more recently I have been in the ACTION space which is balanced and where you want to be.

We looked at the Four levels of learning > GENERATIVE is where I would like to be! Not innovating, really brining new stuff into the world that has never been seen before.

Followed by the OLOGY'S, there is four of them...

Epistemology What you know you believe.

Ontology The study of being, How do you know who you are?

Teleology The outcome you thought you wanted.

Phenomenology The state of subjective experience, how you view the world / your view point.

"When you wake up, how do you remember to be you? - Ontology.

As a practicing coach, I see all of the "Ology's" in my clients and myself. Generally when you're working with people the Teleology comes up, they thought they wanted XYZ however now they realise it is actually 123.

What are the functions of the head brain, heart brain and gut brain?

HEAD Perception / Thinking / Making Meaning

HEART Emotions / Values / Relations

GUT Core identity / Self preservation / Mobilisation (Taking action)

Then we had some practical experience with balanced breathing, and communicating with the brains. This was awesome as we were able to identify blocks and given strategies on how to remove them. This was practiced many times from different view points - observer with Beth's demonstration. Observer, client and coach within our groups.


We begin the day with balanced breathing, looking at the previous days charts and discussing the learnings, gaining clarity on what we may have been confused about, discussions about how we will show up for this day.




We covered again clients using strategies or thinking patterns that aren't so resourceful and what tools we can utilise to support them in aligning their three brains. My biggest take away from the day was really confirmation "if you can think it, you can achieve it.."

"... yeah so you can see it, so in one reality it is already out there". - Mastery in action!

In an exercise I did with Kate Elizabeth and again something came up from the Ancestral Clearing and confirmation that the BIG Goal was happening. It started off with me being ridiculous over a teapot and spending my lunch break holding them feeling them and feeling extremely dissatisfied with all of them. This is classic Teleology in action. Now we were advised by Beth - Bring only a 4 on the scale of 1 - 10 to the table.. I thought the teapot issue was a 4, nope... it was a 10! Kate cleared it, we both had wins in our exchanges for this exercise.

We were shown more ways our body/self likes to block and how to identify which brain is communicating. Well it was more of a deeper understanding and repetition to really take in the learnings.

One of my favorite exercises with clients actually has a name, I had no idea, it was something I do. We were introduced to Neural Integrative Engagement (NIE's) where you use the senses, colour, sounds, smells, movement, tastes, distance, metaphor to enhance the client's (positive) experience.

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