mBIT Neuroscience meets ancient wisdom

mBIT multiple Brain Integration Techniques. Utilising NLP, Cognitive Linguistics and Behavior Modelling the late Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka have created an incredible modality allowing you to connect, align and communicate with your Head Brain, Heart Brain and Gut Brain.

Connecting ancient wisdom and modern science.

This training I sat two days of in my first trimester with Luna, I had completed NLP Prac and Hypnosis Prac totalling10 days in the training room navigating morning sickness, this was the next cab off the rank in what was a full on schedule for the next 12 months with the college. I had developed a cold, was working full time, and also moving house... I didn't finish the training this round and looking back I am grateful the stars hadn't aligned back in 2018.

When I found out I was booked in for this mBIT four day Practitioner training, I filled out the forms with my GP (thank heavens for telehealth appts.) My intention for the training was to "tick the box" and "Finish what I started back in 2017"... I soon pulled my head out of my butt once I realized the VALUE of what we were immersed in within the training room.


I arrive at the venue we have been in many times previously to find it is an intimate setting, the desks are in a U shape and I would one of a handful of students in our group attending. I got to choose my seat first! Anyone who has trained with me knows I like to have all my drinks pens and crystals on the table ready to start. This is potentially an anxiety crutch with my first few experiences in the training room having experienced morning sickness so they serve to help settle my tummy and give me the opportunity to write notes where I may potentially miss something. Has this served me? ...Not really as I don't often look back at my notes. haha!

I set all of my things down and set up "my space" and in comes Beth, the wonderful Beth Nurnberger. Beth has an infectious energy about her and it lights up the room.

The Friday before this training, I had a Hypnosis / NLP clearing session Sacred Ancestral Healing after work - I didn't realise how much this would come up over the four days. Day 1 of mBIT I am at Day 6 integration for the SAH process.

We sit down, we all share our training, our outcomes, our dreams, frustrations and leverage. I shared about having done this clearing, I shared bits of my training via the college and externally, I shared about our goal of getting out of Perth and up north along the coast and how we plan to do it. Plan A and B. I listen to everyone else's dreams goals and frustrations it is so interesting all these people from different walks of life come together sharing the vision of bettering ourselves, and helping others.

One of the tasks we split into groups and each wrote on the page expressions or sayings related to head, heart and gut. Some examples of what come up was really interesting the terminology used;

  • "Where's your head at?"

  • "Heart on their sleeve"

  • "...gut feeling"

  • "Head up your ass.."

  • "Broken hearted"

  • "doesn't sit right..." (gut reference)

The terminology was majority negative. In the conversation as a group there was acknowledgement that we do have more exposure to negative expression, this makes sense when you look at our entertainment - streaming services wouldn't make as much money if it were all positive and uplifting for the masses.

There was a conversations that really made sense it set the AHHHH right ... for me, if you are in a state of arousal for example feeling stressed, you cannot digest your food in that state. How can you tell outside of the usual if you are stressed? Going to bed and falling asleep within 15 minutes. So say you're on the path of releasing a few KGs however your body is in a consistent state of stress how do you expect to reach your goal if you aren't digesting your food properly?

Have you heard people say expressions like I pushed through to courage? Well FEAR sits in the foregut (front) while COURAGE is in the hindgut (back). They are physically moving past fear in order to reach courage.

The HEAD brain relates to Creativity, the HEART brain relates to Compassion and the GUT brain relates to Courage. True leadership is the highest expression of the three brains. How do you get to the highest expression? Undergoing the mBIT session(s) with your certified mBIT coach and travelling up the mBIT road map.

Toward the end of Day One there was an opportunity to try out Beth's biofeedback heart monitor tracking our balanced breathing. I moved through the fear, stepping into courage and sat in front of our group and was one of the demonstrators. As you can see by this fabulous graphic how the heart is ALL OVER THE SHOW on the screen behind me just being in front of everyone. As I got into the breathing it balances out and stays strong in the green section. That is where the monitor wants you to be.

Wisdom comes from aligning head, heart and gut brains, facilitated through the movement of autonomic Balanced Breathing. Profoundly simple, yet amazingly impactful to generative change and happiness in life.... Liberate your human spirit. - mbraining.com

What is interesting about this is in my Ancestral Clearing session the speaking and being in front of people listening and hearing what I have to share come up. In order to utilise the resources we installed in that session I am required to take action. Here I am taking action, showing myself what I am capable of!

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