Spiritual & Energy Coach?

Updated: Apr 25

What makes you different from a Life Coach and How can you support my journey?

A life coach delivers expertise, will hold you accountable for your results, they have skills that will support you in reaching your goals, and working with a life coach you will be inspired. On the other side of the coin they will help you with trauma, over coming blocks, reorganizing your life, and reducing the drivers behind a fear or habit you wish to clear.

Life coaching and Spiritual coaching is achievement based however a Life coach with the logic mind may not offer the support a spiritual client is seeking while working towards a specific spiritual goal.

Spiritual Coaches can support your journey with:

  • Expanding your awareness and exploring concepts you’re curious about

  • Assistance with developing Clair-senses

  • Developing and establishing your foundational practice

  • Healing and Teaching specific healing modalities

  • Manifesting and co-creation

  • Shadow work / Self awareness and the path to divine self-identity

  • Clarity on a situation using various tools (tarot, crystals, pendulum, psychic senses ect.)

Is this a religious thing?


Let’s just clear this up.