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Updated: Apr 25, 2021

What makes you different from a Life Coach and How can you support my journey?

A life coach delivers expertise, will hold you accountable for your results, they have skills that will support you in reaching your goals, and working with a life coach you will be inspired. On the other side of the coin they will help you with trauma, over coming blocks, reorganizing your life, and reducing the drivers behind a fear or habit you wish to clear.

Life coaching and Spiritual coaching is achievement based however a Life coach with the logic mind may not offer the support a spiritual client is seeking while working towards a specific spiritual goal.

Spiritual Coaches can support your journey with:

  • Expanding your awareness and exploring concepts you’re curious about

  • Assistance with developing Clair-senses

  • Developing and establishing your foundational practice

  • Healing and Teaching specific healing modalities

  • Manifesting and co-creation

  • Shadow work / Self awareness and the path to divine self-identity

  • Clarity on a situation using various tools (tarot, crystals, pendulum, psychic senses ect.)

Is this a religious thing?


Let’s just clear this up.



Religious and Spiritual are not the same. Spiritual is an exploration where ANYTHING is possible, the goal when working with Missa is all about expanding your awareness, where will your curiosity take you?

Religion follows a set of ancient beliefs and in many churches outside of financial investment the patrons are encouraged to place someone on a pedestal while they keep their own gifts and abilities suppressed. Salt Earth & Soul doesn’t support fake idols.

What is Spiritual Then?

Spiritual is not just about going and meditating when feeling mad, or taking photos of your latest crystals uploading them to Instagram before putting them on a shelf never to be used again. Spiritual also requires shifting the mud, owning your shit.

On your journey you will see some harsh truths (you are the one holding yourself back) also navigating shit “logic” doesn’t explain. WHY do you keep seeing repetitive numbers?

While on this path you will find your circle of friends change, people you cared about are not supportive of your new focus, perhaps judging or taking the piss about it to deflect how they are feeling unsure.

That is ok.

You will begin to see things in a different light. What sat comfortably before no longer sits right, and you want to know why? Moving between worlds is also uncomfortable but it is worth it when you start to see the changes in yourself and what you are capable of.

What is your strength? Connecting to spirit, Perhaps it is healing?

Are you ready? Take that curiosity and lean in!

What are the ethics and regulations in the industry?

Well let’s be clear on this one, there are zero regulations supporting Spiritual Coaching. You’re looking at zero entry requirements, no standard course of study or qualification requirement, Ethical and legal accountability are minimal. There are standards around healing practice and other “Coaching” modalities which tie into this space.

This isn’t as bad as it sounds as spirit isn’t governed by these rules so why would you attempt to embed it?

ANYONE can claim to be a spiritual coach. It is in your best interest to be mindful when selecting who you work with on this sacred level.

Action over Words

The coach you are considering working with…

>> Establish if they are walking their talk?

>> Have they started facing their shadow? In what way are they “doing the work?”

>> Are they committed and transparent about continual personal development?

Missa LOVES all the spiritual and personal development. Her background in Life Coaching was the foundation for her to “clear-her-shit” so she could hold space for her clients.

Qualified as a Master NLP and Conscious Hypnosis Practitioner in the first quarter of 2021 Missa has spent 522.25 hours training with The Life Coaching College. The training is combined online and in-person. The face-to-face training for NLP alone she has completed 183 hours.

NLP is hardly spiritual however the reason this is relevant as the training Missa has completed has a structure to it. The structure involves the students being shown and demonstrated the technique. The students then bring “Real-Life-Shit” into the room and gain valuable experience clearing it on a peer as well as being the client and doing the techniques themselves.

In the 183 hours of NLP specifically Missa was in her first trimester battling morning sickness and had experienced a threatened miscarriage, then the day before she had the baby at full term she completed Master Prac, just under 18 months after Missa returns to the training room to complete a niche series based on the 9 day Master Practitioner. She has experienced the modality through many seasons and when she couldn’t be fucked, she stuck it out. This is one example of the commitment to personal development, her clients, her education and for Salt Earth and Soul.

Shiny Veneer

The website has personality however it is also professional but not too professional. The Instagram and Facebook look fabulous, you’re loving their “vibe” not to mention the reels, stories and memes hit the mark. They have a fuck tonne of followers that must mean they have industry credibility right?


>> Is this person / business regurgitating what every-other spiritual page on the market is doing?

>> Can they demonstrate their knowledge and skill set?

>> If you are looking at their preferred media are they demonstrating how they can meet YOUR need. (Don’t get sucked into a curated page that suits the market trends.)

>> What is their background?

>> With their education, if you strip it right back is there any skill there? (Is their training provider reputable too?)

>> What is the feedback and recommendations you can see on say Facebook (I mention this as this can’t be deleted to reflect what they want you to see).

If the spiritual coach you are seeking to connect with cannot tick just a couple of these boxes you may find yourself in the hands of someone who has good intention however minimal experience. Just starting out is ok, however when you’re opening yourself up on an unconscious level do you want to be influenced by someone who may not have the skills to support you as a student in vulnerable circumstances?

Oh Hey!

You connect with them, this could be booking into an event to feel them out, it could be the discovery call.

>> What are you feeling?

>> Are you open to sharing with them?

>> Is there a non-judgmental tone about them?

>> If you’re at an event how do they interact with others? Are they positioning themselves as the “Leader” and you are the “Follower” (you should be seen and treated as equals).

>> Are they authentic?

Where does Salt Earth & Soul sit then?

Missa is both a spiritual and life coach, however she prefers the Spiritual side. Missa works in alignment with what is best for the client, so if you need a kick up the ass she will deliver it at the same time if you’re super curious she will join you on that journey.

Salt Earth and Soul offers coaching packages supporting;

  • Foundational practice

  • Energetic protection for clients with or without energy healing capabilities,

  • Exploration into the spiritual realm,

  • How-to on tools and resources,

  • Energetic attunements via visualization,

  • Navigating shadow self while building resilience,

  • Working with crystals – grid, energetic protection, home and auric body, connection

  • Manifestation and co-creation

  • Aura photography to see where your energy is in the present moment

  • Development of Clair-senses

  • Sessions are all catered to client and where they are at in their journey

All Spiritual and Energy Coaching packages are a pathway into the Evolving Consciousness Program.

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