Karma is the rebalance of energy.

It isn’t anything to be scared of. Your soul agreed to your lessons in this life to assist with clearing what is called INDIVIDUAL KARMA before you were born.

The types of Karma are listed below you can clear with an Ancestral Healing.

Karma types:

1. Individual Karma – This is limited to an individual. You will see it manifest as struggles with health, relationships, finances etc…

2. Collective Karma – This is a group that will share a similar experience such as war, accidents (traffic or say construction site) and group incidents, the people you share it with could be related or un-known to you.

3. Ancestral Karma – This is where the patterns are passed down generation to generation. Genetic illnesses, fertility issues, premature deaths (infancy to adult), emotional, psychological, sexual and physical abuse, extreme violence, dysfunctional friendships, dysfunctional relationships and dysfunctional family connection.

You may have heard of the lore of karma what is sent out is returned 3 fold? Well when you are aware of the impact you have and still behave with ill intent it comes back 10 fold.

Every experience has a lesson in store for us. Once we learn the lesson, the karma is healed and the energy is balanced.

Keeping in mind you may have decided before agreeing to this life you want to learn something and as a result you may well be clearing a fair bit of karma based on various incarnations past not just your immediate cause and effect in this lifetime.

In an Ancestral Healing you set the intention and extend an invite to your family and ancestors. If their higher-self agrees they will be there clearing all the crap from the bloodline including the karma. This isn’t just mum and dad, I am talking generations back. We work with the Lords of Karma in this process. This isn’t taken lightly. During the process we call in some other elements to assist with giving the family and yourself the best possible opportunity to learn the lessons needed from what has been cleared and fills everyone up with divine high vibrational energy. It is after this part we leave the ancestors and you travel back to conception and re-write and activate all the new learnings and codes your higher-self and unconscious mind share.

The other option is the Usui Reiki initiation, this can also assist with Karmic healing, depending on where you are at in your journey this may also be what you need to clear the respective karmic cycle.

Reiki initiations are done at three levels the first degree (Student), the second degree (Practitioner) and third degree (Master). Each Reiki attunement allows us to open up and receive more universal energy to flow through our bodies.

The attunement facilitates a cleanse of each of the seven main chakras from Crown to Root, three times over the 21 days after the initiation takes place.

This happens with each initiation, healing and clearing layer upon layer within the seven main energy centers. This process allows each student/practitioner the opportunity to clear their own individual karma and by the time they reach mastery they have cleared A LOT on the conscious and unconscious level.

Reiki Energy heals at a cellular level and heals without the limitations of space and time. This allows you to heal and soften past life issues as well as trauma from this lifetime too.

Once your intention is to clear, learn more to assist yourself and others you will be lead to the resources that you need.

Missa reflects on when started to really dive into the spiritual realm again and decided she wanted a Reiki Master who facilitated spiritual development too BOOM Amber Cumings from The Watershed Initiative shows up in her FB feed as a recommended event.

She set the intention followed the call after her dad’s mum passed this year to clear the family line of the bullshit and she found another one of her mentors Shani Fae Chambers who is the creator and trainer in Sacred Ancestral Healing and DNA Clearing.

The most incredible alignment of them all? When Missa was in Prac training for the Ancestral Healing and DNA Clearing it come up that whatever shows up next by the way of education will fill the gaps. She applied for the Master Healer scholarship and was granted the scholarship in 24 hours through The Pleiadean Institute in MA, America.

Finally another way to heal and clear karma is by Past-life regression via Hypnosis. When you’re exploring a past life via hypnosis you will only ever be shown what is of relevance to you. In Missa’s personal experience (She’s done a few) they have all been significant to an issue she was navigating in that point in time.

By choosing to heal ourselves, bettering ourselves we are healing our Ancestral or Soul family line.

Our Master Healer and Practitioner Missa offers all three of these services via the Salt Earth & Soul healing space. If you're seeking to dig deep and clear your stuff, drop us a line.

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