Indigo Health Foundation: The Rachel K. Cardoza Holistic Healthcare Visionary Scholarship

You have found your way here as you are curious about the journey... "Missa already has more training qualifications than there are stars in the sky, why more training?" This isn't about how I got here, I covered this already... I want to share the magic that is the Rachel K. Cardoza Master Healer Scholarship this was granted via Indigo Health Foundation. It is this scholarship that has given me the opportunity to train at Pleiadian Institute as a Master Healer.

The Indigo Health Foundation has a strong mission making holistic healing more accessible to every human on Earth. They deliver treatments, trainings and tools globally to help to promote wellbeing and prevent disease for people who are most in need.

Health Begins Within

Indigo Health Foundation a not for profit organization supporting all areas of your multidimensional self. Including Indigo Ascension, Indigo Clinics and Pleiadian Institute.

Indigo Ascension with their multidimensional meditation and energy healing programs. These programs are a powerful way to create a new daily habit, having done this myself, I found I was excited for and wanted to do the daily meditation practice especially once you strengthen that connection to your spiritual lifeforce.

Indigo Clinics, these are tele-health holistic treatments. As a student of Pleiadian Institute I have experienced the indigo clinic as a "client" with my live light body activation and attunements. We also have the option book in at our cost via the clinic and partake in Hypnosis or Reiki Healing programs. Booking in with the Indigo Clinic you are able to heal and transform your mind, emotions and body through the Reiki and Hypnotherapy tele-health treatments combined with energy healing and meditation programs in the comfort of your home.

Pleiadian Institute, this is where I am learning, integrating and healing while I upskill in the Master Energy Healing certification program. Pleiadian Institute offers career training in Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Healing. Meeting you where you are at the intention is to share a deep, transformative and comprehensive healing curriculum in the modalities taught. Enrolled you will experience online learning with a co-op education model that includes a network of hands-on virtual experiences.

Pleiadian Institute supports you to step into your calling as an innovator, a creator, and leader in the field of Hypnosis, Energy Healing and Energy Medicine. Their training programs integrate structured healing with training in evidence-based practices. Here you study within a preventative multidimensional health model that merges eastern and western healing modalities, practice in technical skill, advanced research opportunities and hands-on-experiences in the Transcendent Business Practicum.

The curriculum is grounded in the practices and theories of:

  • Transpersonal Psychology,

  • Multidimensional Energy Healing,

  • Metaphysics & Geophysics,

  • Mindfulness Meditation,

  • Hypnosis,

  • Spiritual & Intuitive Healing of ancient and indigenous healers around the world,

  • Mystery School Teachings,

  • Mindfulness Meditation,

  • Transcendentalism,

  • Tantric Philosophy,

  • Buddhism, Christianity,

  • Hinduism & Taoism,

  • Social Entrepreneurship

Heal Yourself & Raise Your Vibration At Home.

Women's Health & Brain Health Initiatives

Indigo Health Foundation provides financial support for the training of practitioners committed to working with women healing from trauma. Indigo Health Foundation provides financial support for free and sliding scale telehealth clinics that treat women healing from symptoms resulting from trauma due to sexual violence & domestic violence. Indigo Health Foundation provides financial support for free and sliding scale clinics that treat women & men healing from brain injury, brain illness and disease. Indigo Health Foundation accepts donations from all over the world.

If you wish to donate to this incredible cause - I have created a donation page supporting Indigo International. Indigo Health Foundation - Melisa Williams's Fundraiser

Alternatively if you are seeking to support local, Throughout 2022 there will be many opportunities to show your support to Salt Earth & Soul and other local small business while immersing in the healing arts. Part of Salt Earth & Soul's earnings from each of these events will be donated to the Indigo Health Foundation Fundraiser. The donations will be published on the event and Salt Earth and Soul's social media channels, including but not limited to mail-list, Facebook, Instagram, Ticktok and of course updates will be shared periodically on the website

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