AURA #001 - Missa & Brodie's Portrait Experience

Updated: May 27, 2021

Missa’s Aura Portrait Experience

Byron Bay, October 2019

October of 2019 I was heavily pregnant with my second child, all I wanted was to have my babymoon with the crystals between training before bub arrived. Brodie made it happen, we had four days in Byron Bay, landing Thursday in Brisbane driving the 300 years in Peak traffic across the border to our accommodation just outside the Byron town. Friday was Crystal castle and I had pre-booked our Aura Portraits in Perth before we jumped on the plane. I have always been curious about it but had never committed.

When we arrived at Crystal Castle the woman in the booth gave us a ticket stub, warned us not to loose it as it wont be refunded. In the gates we went, we explored the grounds, took a shit tonne of photos, Brodie proposed to me properly in front of the Buddha pond (cause first time was in our backyard in Scarbs.) Just before we were ready to go we handed the precious ticket-stubs in, I was anxiously awaiting our portraits.

I had mentioned to the lady at the counter I want my portrait alone and then ours together. She looked at me confused and said we can’t do a couples portrait. I cracked the shits and was assertively asking why-the-fuck-not? This woman is gold star customer service cause fuck mate she handled my over-the-top-raging-hormonal-bullshit well. Calmly explaining the newer software doesn’t allow for the couples portrait we would have to sit separately.

Diffusing the situation she requested I sit mine first, we went to the back of the twisty-windy gift shop into a dark corner at the edge of the building. She asked I take a seat on a hard wood chair, I noticed it had really wide arms but they were flat too. I popped my hand on the hand plate located on my left and she asked me to take a look at the camera. Within seconds mine was done, then she took Brodies portrait.

This lady said we didn’t need to have a portrait together as our portraits were almost identical. She printed them both out, got our names and cards mixed up. Told us that it is unusual for couples to have similar energy in her experience they are opposite.

We were given our portraits in a little card, and when I opened it up I remember thinking how much green there was in both. The digital images show just as much colour as the polaroid images.

She read the potential colour meanings based on placement from a card. Looping mine back to the baby saying one of the three orbs is the bub (this proved true as when I did healings the practitioner would tell me she was hanging around “outside”), the other two orbs will be guides.

Brodies colours also is also growth renewal as well as communication and could relate to the new season with bub and the job transition we mentioned to her earlier.

Then it was over! Quick session, a lot come out of it, although it was missing the intuitive messages.

Brodie’s Aura Portrait Experience

Byron Bay, October 2019

We were in Byron for the babymoon and Missa had booked us in for a photo. I didn’t know what the Aura photo was, I hadn’t seen or had one before. When we walked down the corridor to take the photo I felt excitement because it was something new. I sat my portrait after Missa and put my hand on the sensor remember thinking to myself I hope this doesn’t electrocute me!

When the reader showed us our photo I thought it was pretty cool! Wondering how it comes out like that, there was a bit of curiosity. The curiosity peaked when the interpretation of the colours come through. The aura reading was pretty right for home and life in that time, it definitely resonated. When she said she hadn’t seen couples with matching or similar aura’s before I thought it was more special.

When Missa said she wanted to implement Aura portraits into the business, I trusted she knew what she was doing and that she was doing the right thing. The aura gear arrived when I was up at work, a few days later I arrived home and we took my first photo. It was way cooler! I didn’t realise the aura changes, most of us stay the same all the time.

Missa did capture an image of my aura with a dark blue patch above the head. She describes this as my depression, it was a different way to look at it. I didn’t think of animals having an aura but then she took our Staff Tank’s aura.

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