Evolving Consciousness #012

Evolving Consciousness Practitioner Training I Energy Reporting

EXPANSION SESSION 12 – 14.3.21 – Multidimensional Self

Our final session as a group! I was seeing light language glowing in our activation, and the detail of the light language too. When I accessed my soul room this time, I removed the picture we placed on the wall in a previous session. My chair now served as my anchor to this space.

My portal was actually a Tee-pee with a big zip, when I stepped through the zipper I was one with the source energy, with the main message from the experience "I am connected, it is all connected". In the experience the stand out moment for me was when I was shown "past/simultaneous lives" as a visual to anchor what it is like to be multidimensional.

Following this session, we sat and did our reports below is the breakdown of my energy after this session.


Root 9/10 High life energy, radiant, sensual and passionate qualities.

Sacral 4/10 Medium productivity and emotional-energetic creativity.

Solar-Plexus 4/10 Medium creativity, intellectual and analytical energetic-thinking, playful qualities.

Heart 2/10 Low heartfelt-energy and expressive qualities. Increase your compassion for fellow mankind.

Throat 6/10 High strong expression of thought and emotional qualities.

Third-Eye 7/10 High intuitive energy, strong artistic and intuitive qualities.

Crown 4/10 Medium intuitive energy, radiant, sensitive & spiritual qualities.


Mind 14%

Body 46%

Spirit 39%

This graph allows you to see an overview of how energies are distributed between Mind-Body-Spirit.

Mind, with a focus on creativity, mental, emotional expression and communication.

Body has a focus on physical reality and body related activity.

Spirit has a focus on personal development, feelings, intuition and spirit/inner qualities.


Yin – (Female qualities) in Yellow – increasing fun, humor, lightness, personal power, intellect and logic.

Yang – (Male qualities) in Yellow– increasing fun, humor, lightness, personal power, intellect and logic.

It was balanced between the Masculine and Feminine Energies. A slight change from the last report.


Blue – Emotional Energy 500KHz

Violet – Intuitive Energy 600KHz

Red – Physical 700KHz

Green – Mental Energy 600KHz

250,000 – 500,000KHz – Medium Vibrational range, great for daily activities and typically indicates the Mind-Body-Spirit balance.

500,000 - 750,000KHz - High Vibrational range, great for daily activities and typically indicating a mind body and spirit balance.


This session was nothing short of awesome, my chakras had lifted even though I was leaning more into my physical self energetically, The energy levels hit the high-vibrational range again with the mental energy (this is reflected in the yellow shell around the aura) as well as the intuitive energy. Seeing confirmation of past/simultaneous lives that I had been exposed to previously was awesome.

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