Evolving Consciousness #009

Evolving Consciousness Practitioner Training I Energy Reporting

EXPANSION SESSION 9 – 9.1.21 – Earth Grid + Universal Web

This session was an on-line session broken into a two parts, activity within our sacred-space and accessing a portal.

First off we really exercised our skills with moving pebbles around in our Soul Room to create a structure. I changed mine from an Eiffel tower structure to a cube similar to the fluorite lamp our local wholesalers have on displace, with pure intent and a simple thought.

Following this used another door as a portal under the guidance of Amber – this time my door changed shape from a hobbit door, to a triangle then to a side-ways triangle. Once I entered through my side-ways-triangle door I connected with the soul essence of Gaia in a cave! This cave had marble flooring and LED light roof colours. She knew who I was when I entered the space.

During my time with her she shared that she had 120 Earth Years left before she moved onto her next role, she was not taking the role on long term and that there had been 2000+ souls who had been in the role previous to her and they “didn’t last long”. She has a choice between roles and incarnations once this one is over however she will be having a rest first. When I asked about Earth having a potential grid system she shared there were two. When she shown me this, the first was a small grid with big gaps and what looked like golden string. The next was purple and it was a universal web. Some of the conversation was muted and so I had notes of snippets however not the whole conversation.

This is the first session since three that I measured my energy following it.


Root 5/10 Medium life energy, active life style.

Sacral 4/10 Medium productivity and emotional-energetic creativity

Solar-Plexus 5/10 Medium creativity, intellectual and analytical energetic-thinking, playful qualities

Heart 4/10 Medium average loving and sensitive qualities.

Throat 4/10 Medium average loving and communicative, sensitive, qualities

Third-Eye 6/10 High intuitive energy, strong artistic and intuitive qualities

Crown 6/10 Radiant, sensitive and spiritual qualities.


Mind 16%

Body 36%

Spirit 48%

This graph allows you to see an overview of how energies are distributed between Mind-Body-Spirit.

Mind, with a focus on creativity, mental, emotional expression and communication.

Body has a focus on physical reality and body related activity.

Spirit has a focus on personal development, feelings, intuition and spirit/inner qualities.


Yin – (Female qualities) in Orange – think stimulating creativity, productivity, pleasure, enthusiasm.

Yang – (Male qualities) in Green– think balance, harmony, love, communication, nature and acceptance.

It was balanced between the Masculine and Feminine Energies. A slight change from the last report.


Blue – Emotional Energy 400KHz

Violet – Intuitive Energy 500KHz

Red – Physical 500KHz

Green – Mental Energy 400KHz

250,000 – 500,000KHz – Medium Vibrational range, great for daily activities and typically indicates the Mind-Body-Spirit balance.


This was a mind-blowing session, looking back the information flowed and I was so excited to share my exploration within the group and read the other experiences our group shared. Energetically my energy level had decreased since the last session, my chakras are all quite balanced and healthy.

We invite you to contact us if the Evolving Consciousness Program, the Aura Portrait or SEAS Your Vibe reporting are services you wish to experience.

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