Evolving Consciousness #003

Evolving Consciousness Practitioner Training I Energy Reporting

EXPANSION SESSION THREE – 18.11.2020 – Meet a Spirit Guide

This session was face to face with our EC Group we re-visited our sacred space within our soul room, using another whiteboard this time projecting numbers and number combinations and spelling numbers out, went through another portal to be standing in a sacred site – a meeting place.

My door I used as the portal was super small then went REALLY tall. I remember sharing with my group this frustration with the process in that my door was opening, closing, opening, closing. I had confirmation of how this guide would connect with me and I physically felt a sensation to confirm.

My Notes

“Open / Close / Open / Close / Open / Close”

“Galaxy, path from medi no place was right, really focused on being in me via my eyes”

“I didn’t feel like it was me projecting, it flowed when I didn’t think, it was a light from my forehead.”

“open /close = surrender, then I got a sunflower field couldn’t see who he was just energy.”

“Discipline / WHY YOU A DICK? That siren is an ambo focus you’ll know. Heat (Feeling) **** it’s not my name, it is something you’ll remember.” He went from being a hard ass American Jock, to softening toward the end of our conversation.


Following this session I ran another aura report;


Root 4/10 Life energy, survival, accidents, stress qualities.

Sacral 1/10 Limited emotional-energetic expression.

Solar-Plexus 1/10 Have more fun and joy in your life, increase your creativity.

Heart 3/10 Increase your compassion for fellow man kind.

Throat 6/10 Average loving and communicative, sensitive, qualities.

Third-Eye 5/10 Average artistic and intuitive qualities.

Crown 6/10 Radiant, sensitive and spiritual qualities.


Mind 29%

Body 22%

Spirit 49%

This graph allows you to see an overview of how energies are distributed between Mind-Body-Spirit.

Mind, with a focus on creativity, mental, emotional expression and communication.

Body has a focus on physical reality and body related activity.

Spirit has a focus on personal development, feelings, intuition and spirit/inner qualities.


Yin – (Female qualities) in Yellow – think fun harmony, lightness, intellect, logic.

Yang – (Male qualities) in Blue– think peace, love, honesty, truth, emotional depth.

It was balanced between the Masculine and Feminine Energies. A slight change from the last report.


Blue – Emotional Energy 500KHz

Violet – Intuitive Energy 600KHz

Red – Physical 500KHz

Green – Mental Energy 600KHz

250,000 – 500,000KHz – Medium Vibrational range, great for daily activities and typically indicates the Mind-Body-Spirit balance.

500,000 – 750,000KHz – High Vibrational range, great for intuitive and sensitive faculties.


This was an incredible change from the last session with increases in my intuitive chakras as well as my energy level rising again overall. The aura portrait with the strong blue in recent past is reflective of the commination with my guide.

We invite you to contact us if the Evolving Consciousness Program, the Aura Portrait or SEAS Your Vibe reporting are services you wish to experience.

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