Evolving Consciousness #002

Evolving Consciousness Practitioner Training I Energy Reporting

EXPANSION SESSION TWO – 14.11.2020 – Introduction – A Door as a portal!

This session was online in the EC Group, I was at home when I listened to the recording. We re-visited our sacred space within our soul room, went through a portal to be standing in a beautiful place of nature.

My door I used as the portal was in the shape of a heart and there was a snake on the floor with yellow bands (this was an indicator to me that the business would pick up whenever I see snakes – this wisdom is for another day). We went to a tree / bush after we entered the portal I couldn’t taste but I knew I was eating mulberry’s and strawberries and that they tasted bitter, sour and were juicy. The sensations around my feet, again I couldn’t feel but I knew my feet were wet, it went from a muddy dirt road in the outback with puddles to a sandy limestone and green grass. Then we reconnected with our selves and journaled our notes in our EC Workbook.

My Notes

“Noise with the fam home, just trying to get my shit blocked with them but I eased back into the space”

Following this session I ran another aura report;


Root 4/10 Life energy, survival, accidents, stress qualities.

Sacral 8/10 Productivity, strong emotional energetic connection.

Solar-Plexus 8/10 Creativity, intellectual and analytical energetic thinking and playful qualities.

Heart 3/10 Increase your compassion for fellow man kind.

Throat 5/10 Average loving and communicative, sensitive, qualities.

Third-Eye 3/10 Increase your harmonious intuitive creative and artistic thoughts .

Crown 3/10 Find new direction and vision in life.


Mind 37%

Body 42%

Spirit 21%

This graph allows you to see an overview of how energies are distributed between Mind-Body-Spirit.

Mind, with a focus on creativity, mental, emotional expression and communication.

Body has a focus on physical reality and body related activity.

Spirit has a focus on personal development, feelings, intuition and spirit/inner qualities.


Yin – (Female qualities) in Orange – think creativity and emotional expression.

Yang – (Male qualities) in Green – think support, harmony, nature

It was balanced between the Masculine and Feminine Energies. Showing the same as last report.


Blue – Emotional Energy 400KHz

Violet – Intuitive Energy 400KHz

Red – Physical 400KHz

Green – Mental Energy 500KHz

250,000 – 500,000KHz – Medium Vibrational range, great for daily activities and typically indicates the Mind-Body-Spirit balance.


As you can see by the results I was definitely anchored more within the physical energies, this too is consistent with go-go-go energy. Generally my energy is sitting mid-range. The chakras had varied slightly from the previous sessions however the energy levels had dropped in Intuitive, Physical and Emotional energy with the Mental energy staying the same between sessions. The chakras being lower in the Third Eye and Crown had me pondering if due to my home life (2x children with FIFO partner) if I was fatigued in those energy centers after using them? I slept as well as I could breastfeeding a baby after the last session and generally at this time on a normal day I would consider my state as a walking zombie. This is reflected in the muddy orange colour on my future time-line of the aura portrait.

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