Evolving Consciousness #001

Evolving Consciousness Practitioner Training I Energy Reporting

Expansion Session One – In Person – 04.11.2020 – Introduction to the Soul Room.

When we started this training I was still on my maternity leave, man was I ever excited to be getting back into my passion space, exploration and spiritual development not to mention talking with other adults and breaking out of the mum-baby-family bubble. We met in person at Ambers in Morley. The group introduced themselves, it was a mix of the practitioner trainees and students ready for the experience.

Once we had settled, We covered energetic protection, how to activate our light code that Amber gifted us. We would work with our individual code for the duration of the training. Topics covered were clair-senses and identifying where we think we are strongest in them, overview of the chakra system, we had a discussion around additional concepts such as Spirit guides, Portals, Aspects of self.

There was a process which I LOVE, Soul Intentions, looking at our goals for the 3 months, identifying how we keep ourselves accountable, identifying how we will know when we reached our goal(s) and then there was a stock take using the wellness wheel. The wellness wheel is an overview of 8 areas of your life and where they sit from 0________10 with the score of 10 ranking highest.

Following this was EXPANSION SESSION ONE. We put our eye-masks on and Amber facilitated a guided meditation. We re-entered or created an energetic space referred to as our SOUL ROOM.

In our soul room we saw ourselves as Soul / the Energy. Then we added a chair, some other furniture, and interacted with it activating senses sight and touch. There was a psychic development exercise projecting colours on a white board with our mind / intent – this is a tonne harder than it sounds. For myself I kept venturing off into other experiences, seeing scenes of things, and then going back to the whiteboard, I was moving between both and consciously aware that I needed to go back to the whiteboard. When the visualisation was over we were invited to write our experience in our workbook.

After our session we have “Daily musings” to journal thoughts we pondered, synchronicities, dreams, visions, gratitude ect.. between the last and the next session.

My notes

“Couldn’t decide on chairs or furniture, kept changing it”

“Colours I was seeing other “dream” people, conflict, mouthy blonde, but getting no I need to be with the board, I did do some I know but I kept tapping back to the other experiences…”

“I need to be doing the thing…”

After the session we (Amber and I) ran our aura reports, below is the main energetic findings from my session.


Root 7/10 Life energy, radiant and passionate qualities.

Sacral 4/10 Limited emotional energetic expression.

Solar-Plexus 5/10 Creativity, intellectual and analytical energetic thinking and playful qualities.

Heart 2/10 Increase your compassion for fellow man kind.

Throat 6/10 Average loving and communicative, sensitive, qualities.

Third-Eye 5/10 Intuitive energy, average artistic and intuitive qualities.

Crown 3/10 Find new direction and vision in life.


Mind 31%

Body 40%

Spirit 29%

This graph allows you to see an overview of how energies are distributed

between Mind-Body-Spirit.

Mind, with a focus on creativity, mental, emotional expression and communication.

Body has a focus on physical reality and body related activity.

Spirit has a focus on personal development, feelings, intuition and spirit/inner qualities.


Yin – (Female qualities) in Orange – think creativity and emotional expression.

Yang – (Male qualities) in Green – think support, harmony, nature

It was balanced between the Masculine and Feminine Energies.


Blue – Emotional Energy 400KHz

Violet – Intuitive Energy 500KHz

Red – Physical 500KHz

Green – Mental Energy 500KHz

250,000 – 500,000KHz – Medium Vibrational range, great for daily activities and typically indicates the Mind-Body-Spirit balance.


As you can see by the results I was definitely anchored more within the physical energies, this too is consistent with go-go-go energy. Generally my energy is sitting mid-range. I remember reading this wondering how my energy level would look in the coming sessions.

We invite you to contact us if the Evolving Consciousness Program, the Aura Portrait or SEAS Your Vibe reporting are services you wish to experience.

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