Embodied IChing

Missa's Session

Sarah is a Life Alchemist Coach and Blue Dragon Healer, we first connected in our training with the Coaching and since then we have re-connected when it comes to all things esoteric.

I booked in with Sarah for an Embodied IChing session and it was an extremely relaxing experience. I found myself on different levels of consciousness throughout the process. I come into the session with questions around how I can have both my day-job and Salt Earth & Soul. EVERYTHING that come through was confirmation, really embedding what I knew but I had to hear it. Something that come through strong was “if you take a moment to just be, be still the answers will come.” My brain just doesn’t stop so this was needed.

I had to anchor a dragon tail and three cords to a ruby heart before we got into the alchemy experience. The alchemy experience is what had me moving through different levels of consciousness. Sarah muscle tested and the first time "water" symbol in the heart chakra come up, when we went through the process it felt fluid. I had to embed the symbol in parts before we moved it through the other chakras. I remember during the session I could feel them lock in. The second time Sarah had muscle tested I had more work to do and the mountain in the third eye needed to be integrated! My third eye was buzzing! When the mountain was moved upwards I felt my crown open and saw it opening within my minds eye. As the mountain moved down I could see the golden energy of my solar plexus, and felt it shifting the energy in my sacral chakra as it spun around, it finished with anchoring into my root chakra. This one also needed to be embedded part by part.

The interesting thing here was I am born year of the dragon (the tail was accessed with ease) and I am also working with Mountain Card this year. It is in a frame on my desk and it is the energy I use to ground before undertaking any spiritual work.

I saw a vision of my family when the kids are teens (which made me feel strong emotions, like happy tears) and we had exceeded all our goals there was even a boat!

Sarah’s voice was soothing guiding me through the process. She held the space well and shown mastery in her craft by the way the session was carried out, her flexibility with the space. My whole family were home, and she worked with the noise, lack of massage table and rolled with it. It is said that the person who has the most flexibility has the control. It makes sense with her approach.

The knowledge exchange following the session tied it all up for me, it was an awesome process. Non-invasive, there was no touch well at one point she poked my solar plexus with the large selenite wand to again demonstrate where I needed to be focused at that time. The experience was total immersion, and I have clarity in how to approach my situation as well as a couple of tasks to complete I needed to complete!

One lot of energy I will be working with for 10 weeks and required to drink my water and allow it to do its thing, the other energy I will be working with for two years. How fucking awesome is that? We anchored and embedded these symbols and after we have done the work, I find out that I get to keep the energy for specific periods of time!

We took an aura photo before (me fluoro above the head) and Sarah sat her portrait session prior to performing the Embodied IChing. After the session I was showing a beautiful yellow Orb.

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