Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique - Session 001

Updated: May 12, 2021

Lets begin with some definitions before we get into this blog post.

QHHT: Dolores Cannon’s method of hypnosis, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®), involves inducing an individual into the Somnambulistic state of trance through visualization. A state which under ordinary circumstances is experienced only twice daily: the moment just before you become consciously awake and the moment just before you fall asleep. Historically, hypnotists have avoided conducting research with subjects in this state because of the often strange and inexplicable results that are recorded. Dolores Cannon begun her research of lost knowledge and reincarnation in the late 1960s by developing QHHT® for past life regression sessions with her subjects. (http://www.dolorescannon.com/about-qhht/)

Oversoul: An Oversoul is a larger portion of your Soul, that is sort of like a Manager. It manages a certain amount of your slivers of your consciousness/soul living lives. This is also what people refer to as the "I AM" presence. The Oversoul is more of a collective, and will communicate in language like "we". One Oversoul manages 12 lives - 6 feminine and 6 masculine. You have 12 Oversouls in operation at any one time, each managing 12 lives. So in theory, you can have 144 simultaneous lives happening at the same time! (extract from the Evolving Consciousness Student Manual, www.thewatershedinititiave.com)

If you have been following me for a while you would be aware that I have been absorbing Dolores Cannon and her teachings. My journey of expanded awareness started with one of my top humans Amber at The Watershed Initiative. At this point in my life I had just come back from the four-day babymoon in Byron Bay. I was dancing between logic mind and spiritual awareness, almost ready to bring Lunajade Earth side. My to-do list before bub arrived was huge… I was determined to get shit done!

  • Successfully complete Master Conscious Hypnosis – YES.

  • Finish up at work and embark on Mat Leave – YES.

  • Return from Crystal Castle and Byron Bay with baby still in the womb – YES.

  • Successfully complete the 3-4 Sessions Mentoring with Amber with baby still in womb – YES.

  • Successfully complete the 9 days Master Prac NLP with baby still in the womb – YES.

The lead up to the QHHT session began with my mentor sessions with Amber as mentioned above, The last session I have no notes on, we discussed concepts and unpacked what I was pondering. The session ended with Amber lending me a book that I refer to as having lovingly destroyed over the months I had it in my possession.

When I borrowed that book I set the intention that the teachings would be given the respect they deserve. This is where the next level of the expansion begun, reading Convoluted Universe #2. This book followed me to the hospital when I had Lunajade, every bath, and quiet moments few and far between. It took me months to read it absorbing, integrating, learning, pondering, and timing it to be in the place to give it that focussed attention while nurturing myself and the new life, as well navigating unchartered territory with the 2020 COVID narrative.

August of 2020 we (my love and I) found ourselves in a fortunate position. After a year of working hard toward our goals we had reached two of them, that week I had also purchased every Dolores Book on my Ebay watch list that I didn’t have in the collection already. If I wasn’t able to do the training just yet (still to finish the Master Prac of coaching) I would read all of her books to prep me for Level 1 when it all aligned.

To-date I have read the best part of eight books from Oz-Ark / Dolores. I was drawn to Jesus and the Essenes (raised in a non-religious family) when I had finished it I felt I didn’t need to read the sequel, I was curious after something mentioned in Nostradamus Bk1 so I kept on with it. Meanwhile in my everyday life I had been training with a group of women under Amber in her modality Evolving Consciousness and at one training she had said she had graduated with 100% on her QHHT Level 1 Training and now has sessions available *GIMME A FUCK YEAH QUEEEN* Without hesitation I was booked in …

Leading upto the session I was determined to make the most of the questions I could ask. I wanted to understand the secrets of the universe in the space that is relevant to what I am doing within the community and ask about my own life too.

In the spare room of Ambers house I experienced my first QHHT Session, the same room I received my Usui Reiki II and Master attunement, the same room I shot aura portraits a few months back. Ambers house is essentially a magic vortex. You shed, learn, expand, collaborate and grow all in the name of your highest good.

I was curious about the methodology in the QHHT process, What is the induction style? Will Amber use the same somnambulism induction we were taught? I have done a tonne of hypnosis with clients and going under myself. Will I remember anything? Will we connect to a different incarnation? Will I be that client that doesn’t connect?

The induction was a guided visualisation and without the physical touch. We had been taught inductions using touch, command tonality and soft voices too… this was something I was not expecting even after all the books I have read on Dolores work. Amber did say to me Dolores tells her students to ‘Forget what you know about Hypnosis”.

In the session I felt as if me Missa was on mute while someone else is talking, yet that someone else was me too.. I felt a lot of energy around my head, it was warm but also A LOT of energy.

When listening to the recording the aspect of self was not using a large vocabulary.


When I first come off the cloud I saw what I described as dark sand, followed by limestone and stairs. I felt “masculine” and as if I had “short hair” age I felt was “mature” but not sure. My feet had brown sandals on. My legs were bare, I wore what I described as a linen sheet on my shoulder to one side holding it together with a “metal thing like round silver with red and blue little circles on it” the circles are decorative. I felt my body was healthy. I had a smooth “spear thing” in my left hand and there was the weight of something on my right arm, it was heavy a “big circle thing, silver shield with a horse on it”

My location was in “the ruling place” we worked “guarding the land.” It felt HOT outside, and exposed. Where I was, I saw a series of stairs tall and flat platforms with columns, to the right was the palace. When it got to hot we would stand in the shade of the columns. The columns / pillars were tall and made from limestone and I described them as ‘new, not worn’. The platforms were high so we could protect the palace and see the enemy approaching from a distance. We were not allowed at the palace stairs. We must stay at our post, we can’t know what goes on in the palace.

I didn’t have a house or family, those I worked with were it. I referred to them as my brothers. They wore similar attire to me, they had helmets on. We eat, we chat. The food consisted of meat and grapes, the grapes for wine, meat in roasts. “We have to guard, we get our time, we get to drink.”

Moving forward to a significant event

This time I was fighting on the palace steps I was not allowed to go on previously. We were fighting along side those who said we couldn’t be there in the past and we were now seen as equal.

The people we were fighting were in fur/animal skin. They were trying to get in and we had to stop them. I said “I don’t feel any anger toward the people, you can’t come in here. No. They don’t listen. They don’t have good intention.” With the numbers them vs our people it was equal.

At the end of the fight we drink wine. Celebrating. I mentioned my “Arm thing” sitting next to the chair. We will stay stationed at the front as we earnt our place. We aren’t eating where we would before, I am happy there. In these corridors there are “secrets, big secrets” where we eat I felt weak going in certain areas as there was energy there and it was “too much” but I like it. We are with the other rank they refill our drinks and they look after the area, The secrecy is still there we were still not to know what is in the palace. In time we will.

I mention that I feel sad for the others with bad intent, they should have listened. They didn’t and ultimately paid the price.

The glass we drink the wine from is not metal, it is smooth like a rock. It’s pretty and it has white with dark colour with it. Different to the column, it feels nice. I like looking at especially once I finish my drink. I will sit and I look at it some more.

Moving forward to a significant event

I was behind the door, Me as Missa was physically crying in Ambers spare room, this was due to the intensity of the energy the other aspect of self felt, it is so beautiful, I seem to have moved up in the rank and taken over from those before us, I mentioned I don’t have the fighting stick anymore, I was wearing normal attire.

During this part I kept repeating how beautiful the energy was. I was also fearful of the energy getting into the wrong hands, knowing if it did people will die. Again protective of the secrets, not knowing much myself. The palace was built around this energy. I was not allowed to communicate with the consciousness of the energy, when those who do communicate with the consciousness come back in, we would return to our post at the front of the palace. They guard it, they write and share the communication and keep secrets, we are not allowed to know.

In the hierarchy we all respect our levels. I am happy with our monthly visit to the energy, we see it with the bright moon. The visit is to remind us why we are there and why fight to protect. The energy after the visit on the bright moon (light, no pain, happy) lasts until the next sun.

“It feels so strong, I am used to it. It is very powerful. It is same as the glass we drink out of. It sits in the air, bowl under it is very bright you don’t look for long. Brighter than the sun, not hot like the sun. Nothing hurts it is nice, it is very powerful. Powerful, you can use it to do things, we look after it. Makes you feel good, helps people, it can also go the other way. Bad intention can cause lots of damage we protect it for the people.”

Moving forward to a significant event

I am writing the scrolls. We heard people are again fighting out the front. I cannot share the secret. I need to get it down quickly. We know those trying to access again won’t win the four of us are being urged to write down what is being shared.

The energy / consciousness is a female and I refer to her as Sylvia. I don’t share secrets and wont tell Amber where she is from. I feel I have aged, I explain I am young in the room like I was when I was “at the front” however when I leave Sylvia’s energy I start to feel slow, much slower, I don’t move as fast. The only comparison I share is that I wouldn’t be able to carry my stick. This was an important day as I knew I would be gone soon.

I am sharing my communication with Sylvia. She said my transition wouldn’t be painful and I wouldn’t die on the steps like my brothers, I have served and I am a good student. I am proud. I tell Sylvia Thank you, thank you for helping, thank you for being, thank you for allowing such beauty.

I am ready to go, I explain how tiring it is moving from free and beauty and then back to what is my normal. I will take her secrets with me.

Moving forward to a significant event

This is the last day. I was watching from above. Simple I am on the bed with a blanket and I am reassured by my brothers that it is safe to go. I am just down the hall from Sylvia and I feel her in the dark room.

I am on the other side now, transitioning out was easy I explained it to be the same as stepping through a door. Now I was floating, energy, feeling free. Not “heavy” like the body. Super satisfied with not being confined to the body. “Human is hard, strong emotions, the burden of secrecy. When they are curious it is hard. I want to share. I say I like you but I cannot tell you, you must wait.”

The practice around disposing of the body is either on the fire or buried. I said to my brothers what ever is easiest for them as I don’t care, I won’t be here.

I learned in this life that going through steps and having to do the time before you’re ready for the next step. I felt the secrecy was heavy and a bit much but you get it for something so beautiful.

The purpose in this life was structure and to see you can have family without family.


“She (Missa) is impatient, very impatient. Go through the steps… learn… grow… she wants to do things as soon as she makes the decision. Go through the motions. Slow down. Showing her the life she had… patience, trust. She likes to know, very stubborn, she prides her curiosity.” Amber added to this conversation that my purpose was not fully known yet I trust and followed the steps.


Final words on this incarnation:

“You got your crystals and homewares, she liked her homewares and bare/open feet. She doesn’t like her feet covered. These elements she brings with, her she insists.”

After the session;

We figure that I was in Ancient Greece given the attire and the landmarks. This made sense as I read an extract I had shared about the Ancient Greeks drinking from Amethyst goblets for protection and in a bid to stop drunkenness as it was seen as a weakness.

The incarnation was that of a Hoplite, in ancient Greece between 7th-4th Centuries BCE a hoplite was a foot soldier.

I am left handed in this incarnation too. When we looked up the Hoplites a quick google search said they held their spears in the right hand. The spear was referenced many times through out the session, so it must have had significance.

The lack of vocabulary in the session was really interesting as me Missa could see and feel more than my bloke would describe. I couldn’t interject and say what I saw using my vocabulary. When he saw his peers at the top of the stairs near the column after I walked up in the beginning of the session, I said they were dressed like me and wearing helmets. I could see but didn’t say about the red fluffy thing on the top of the helmet. I mentioned it after the session to Amber and she’s shown me a photo of it. It was exactly what I saw.

The vessel I drink fromI could see it was Amethyst but I didn’t have the vocabulary for it. Me as Missa was like IT IS FUCKING AMETHYST! When we de-briefed after I had said to Amber that I knew the energy was a crystal but I had no idea in that vocab again. She said that I had only described it as energy. Listening back to the recording when I was behind the door I say “it is the same as the glass we drink out of”.

FIGHTING Animal skin – one of the debrief thoughts was asking about who these people we fight on the stairs. My session was on the Saturday afternoon and the Sunday the family and I went to a place called Lake Leschenaultia I fell asleep on a camping chair by the lake. I woke up to my ear ringing and I decided in that quiet I would connect in with my guides, I was told the people in the skins wore that so it would mask what land they are from. So the palace couldn’t be like “those from the East are at it again, this is the third attack this moon” It was a distraction and a disguise. Amber and I thought perhaps the animal skins would act as a type of armour however that was not mentioned in my brief connection at the lake.

Jesus and Essenes – I understood now why there was a pull to read Jesus and the Essenes. The Essenes are of service and also extremely protective of their secrets and do not share them with “outsiders”.

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