Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique - Session 002

Lets begin with some definitions before we get into this blog post.

QHHT: Dolores Cannon’s method of hypnosis, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®), involves inducing an individual into the Somnambulistic state of trance through visualization. A state which under ordinary circumstances is experienced only twice daily: the moment just before you become consciously awake and the moment just before you fall asleep. Historically, hypnotists have avoided conducting research with subjects in this state because of the often strange and inexplicable results that are recorded. Dolores Cannon begun her research of lost knowledge and reincarnation in the late 1960s by developing QHHT® for past life regression sessions with her subjects. (http://www.dolorescannon.com/about-qhht/)

QHHT Practitioner: Amber - Amber is the woman behind The Watershed Initiative, a woman of many talents. Art Therapist, Usui Reiki Master, Creator of the Evolving Consciousness Program, Multidimensional healer as well as QHHT Practitioner to name a few. Check Amber out at www.thewatershedinititiave.com


When I first come off the cloud I saw that my feet were on wet ground outdoors exploring somewhere I wasn’t supposed to be I didn’t feel anyone else around me I described myself as not male, not female. I am able to live in and out of the water.

I described my skin as blue up to my knees my clothes were tight but like a wave between my legs stopped at my crotch and then covered the rest of me. My arms were blue too, my hands had three fingers long and the ends reminded me of a frog they got sticky on the ends when wet, and I had a red fin that was up my back to my neck, my body is feels healthy and young.

The sky is orange, and has two suns the top one is smaller than the other. During the day they are side by side, when the sun sets the smaller one travels to above it. We only had one moon however we would only see it every six months however this being’s time is different to ours.

I didn’t have job, I explained I just “be” we eat fish, plants, I like the stuff on the rocks, we do hunt fish however the tribe had a holding area where we could just grab them from a trough if we didn’t feel like hunting. When we catch the fish the sticky comes out of our hands we grab them.

“If they don’t like the thrill of it, they will just sit in the water and wait for something to swim past, if you’re really still then they quietly jab it. I like the shock and capture, it makes it fun.

At this point I remember seeing from the beings point of view silently sitting still in the ocean waiting for the fish to come past. It was very quiet.

A pass time I enjoy is going to the highest point and looking at the land. I had the ability to see trees, patterns in a way my tribe couldn’t. I see so much beauty in our land, I like to test my body like licking my hands (make them sticky) so I can climb the rocks.

I have an older partner, we have no children and my partner has a purple fin. My partner would get-it with my quirks and curiosity however didn’t totally understand. We are hatched. We have a tribe, I don’t know my parents. The eggs are put in a space you don’t know who’s eggs are who’s to keep the community. There is no “I created you, you are mine” we are all together.

The elders of the community had wrinkly skin and white fins, their hands aren’t sticky, they are well respected and have a deep knowing.

The fins represent emotion and where you are at with emotional maturity. Only the fins change colour.

Purple fin is grounded, the equivalent to our wise, the purple fin has a knowing.

Green is – The age / prep for birth process.

Red is adventure – I would say also perhaps similar to a teen in their age group.

As a community we are happy, there are “no predators because we can fight.” We fight with our feet, claws come out. The claws are described as clear and sharp.

Amber asked if there was any part of the planet we aren’t allowed to be on, I responded with “the underside, I don’t know what that is.” Then she went onto ask if we had to stay within certain boundaries. The answer is Yes.

The boundaries are established by scent. If we cannot smell our tribe we have gone to far.I was curious about being able to travel at a height when climbing and smelling the tribe but if I explore the land, the scent disappears within a smaller space.

The caves in the water block the scent, I stay away from them more so for the feeling of something within them. When you’re within the cave system you get to a certain point and the scent just stops, when asked if I talk to the elders the response is “STOP! It is not for you to know” reverting back to the adolescent voice in the recording my response to that is “WHATEVER” I do feel the being is within the cave system is why we have the claws in our feet. Sometimes when I am swimming like a defensive reflex they come out, I don’t want to fight I want to explore. I have never seen what is down there because when the scent goes I turn around. Expressing my curiosity, “my feet change down there, I wonder if my fin does” the only way I could see that is if I bring someone with me and it is not worth the argument asking my partner as they are not adventurous or the argument with the elders.

Before leaving this scene I talk about the flowers. “We have REALLY PRETTY FLOWERS with lots of patterns, They’re like EVERY colour you can imagine the closer you look the more details you see. Its like this from here then you get closer and its even more, and even more. I could spend hours and hours looking, days and days, just looking at the one lot. It is the equivalent to your meditation so much comes from sitting with them, but I don’t like sitting. If I get the right flower I will if not, I’m not interested.

Moving forward to a significant event

Rite of passage, event within the community, I have stopped exploring and my fin is now green. I’ve grown, I miss the curiosity, I must prepare myself to give an egg. My partner did so a long time ago, it is my turn now.

“Kinda the same as your pregnancy, except we’re .. maybe the birth canal is better equipped to deal with the egg more so than the human body.” I see the eggs, they are fucking HUGE. Think oval egg shape but the size of your average pillow on the bed.

There is a ceremony with smoke, the community will bless those about the give the egg. Those giving the egg only eat certain foods. They are then directed to a tent and give the egg, then they leave. They aren’t allowed to do anything to egg to identify it is theirs.

“The eggs are the communities, we are the community we raise the egg within the community.”

The volume of eggs delivered depends on who is ready, I do note that it is almost as if it is coordinated mimicking an authority tone “you seven go in and give the egg now, the next 7 will be ready in a week” Our tent is full, there is 27 eggs then they start to come into being. Some will look after and nurture. I can’t and don’t want to be involved with the little ones (this is expressed with a dismissive and repelled tone.)

In the instance there is an egg that doesn’t make it we give them to the water and they go down the waterfall. An offering to whatever lives down the bottom of the waterfall. This doesn’t happen often. As there is an energy around the tent and within it to protect. When it does happen we honour our environment by giving those to that.

During the “giving an egg” I was theatrical about others being dramatic with the whole thing, giving an egg can happen at the same time. Whoever you are next to you may begin to pick up on their energy. I ponder if that is why we are in the tent so we all give the egg within the same time frame? I note it is not a race, and there isn’t much pain associated with the process either.

I was in awe and curiosity watching my peers. One of them is giving their egg, the fin is changing colours on their back. (I am seeing this in my minds eye) Expressing with much excitement and LOUD “it is changing colour on her back, she’s all the colours, I hope I do that, oh WOW!! This is incredible , then she I don’t know what to call it I cant see any of the other parts of them is WOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW…”

The final part of giving the egg the fin displays extremely bright colours on the fin. Once they deliver the egg the colours go and the fin is silvery white and then back to green. I was happy to sit and watch this. I wasn’t allowed to talk I had questions. There wasn’t any healing required after the egg is delivered as the energy holds everyone in the tent. Very interesting the hands are wet and sticky while delivering too.

“I see the elders watching over on the far side of the tent almost in the shadows. It is a bit creepy to sit there and watch people give eggs, I cant talk I was just watching give an egg. WHY would they watch though? Maybe they are holding the energy, I’m still not allowed to talk…

Those before those who looks after the eggs, once they have them they put them, but it is a different energy where they put them. There is an energy around the tent, there is an energy once you come through the tent – that’s where we are. Where the eggs go it is different again. You can put your hand through it. I just got told to stop. It must be the elders. They don’t say a lot unless they are scowling at you.”

I will be a teacher, I’ll teach whatever they tell me to but they are trying to work with my curiosity from when I was younger and my exploration. I’ve tried many times to ask about the caves and they “wont” allow me, even as I’m older now for I may influence the other young, so they tell me not to entertain it. I do hope they will let me encourage the young to climb.

Moving forward to a significant event

My partner has passed it wasn’t meant to happen. The energy changed, the elders explanation is that there wasn’t a sacrifice to the being at the bottom of the waterfall. This is why some of the community have gone. Some of the community have sacrificed themselves. Some just dropped – like my partner. It is sad, now we will give them all to the being. My partner deserved better than this. I am being told by the elders to do what they say. They can see my colours I am not happy. Others fins are very dull in their colour, and lots of colour. When they have the lots of colour and it is dull they are high but sad emotion. I feel defiant and mad. WHY IF THE LITTLE BEINGS DON’T DIE WE GET PUNISHED? Is that not doing the right thing.. Stop asking questions. They are not letting me have the answers. They like my passions but say I have to look after the school.

To deal with my grief I say I will climb after I have done my duty at the school, 18 go down the waterfall. Abruptly I say Something doesn’t sit right. It doesn’t sit right. I don’t have any friends to talk to as they follow, my partner was my partner for that reason. My partner got my curiosity. My partner wouldn’t always answer but would sit while I asked questions. My partner would hold space while I answered my own questions. I feel a part of me is gone.

The belief of the tribe for deceased the spirit travels to the top sun, then they go through the rest of the community when the eggs are ready to come into being. The spirit travels by the sun rays, the egg creatures evolve.

I express my disbelief in everything.. “it doesn’t sit right, I don’t believe. Maybe we do go through the suns, but that cant just be it and for what? To be sent down to be eaten?” In that moment I decide I am going to go to the cave. It comes about I don’t for the school. The elders knew my responsibility there would keep me in line.

Moving forward to a significant event

I am a purple fin now. I have developed and have a deep wisdom, I did go into the cave after they put my partner down. They followed me, they were on alert as if our fins telling them what we are doing and how we are doing. I had to go back, again no answers to my questions, eventually they would show me.

At the bottom of the waterfall is a cave and another race. They had attacked us, the elders didn’t want to make the community fear. My partner knew all of this and was sworn to secrecy. My partner used to be like me that’s why they took me in to fulfil my life without knowing. Everything we do is a lie, I knew it. It didn’t sit right.

The other race, they are like us but with hair, and their fin shows patterns. They experiment on the flesh they don’t eat it. I was shown just enough to keep me quiet. I wasn’t shown how they experiment. They have a cave system under the waterfall. If I had gone through the barrier I would be a live experiment that is the agreement. It was in a way to protect me following me down there, they could have said. It doesn’t have to be this light and fluffy they could have just said.

There was an agreement us at the top, them at the bottom and around. Why cant we get along? Why cant they teach us what they know and we show them how we be?

I have gone through that and have the wisdom and can become a mentor and help with the leadership. So I get positioned in a place of the elder. Which is what I want so I can change things. Do things differently and watch it change.

Moving forward to a significant event

I am not the main elder however I am on the council of elders. I can create the energy around the tent, within the tent and for the eggs. I am not the one who gets to say what goes, I have been allowed to re-educate. So we are beginning to share what I learnt a very long time ago. The little ones love it. I share via fairy-tale. The older ones wouldn’t cope if we told them.

There are talks of staging a discovery of our neighbours, I am not convinced it will work but of the belief the truth out is better than not.

I am wrinkled in my skin and my fin has 3 gold lines on the outside and white in the middle. I never found another partner as we partner for life.

Moving forward to a significant event

I know I am not meant to know, it is totally my egg marrying a haired being. I know we are community and not meant to know and whatever. My egg is a carbon copy of me all over. Curiosity, climbing, exploring, hunting. Now marrying a haired being. They are partnering, not in our traditional partnering way. In my final days it gives me light.

The haired beings have been with us for decades, they don’t experiment on us anymore. The story is not wanting to experiment on our food sources so they chose to instead do it on our dead. It is what they do. It is weird. The truth is out, unrest for awhile but it is out.

ON my last day, my egg and partner took me to the top where I used to climb as the sun sets I will be taking my last breath.

I am on the other side now, *YELLING* I am in the SUN! The top one, it feels free. I can see from where I used to look at. I can see everything, I like to look there. I don’t like the feel of the caves. I don’t know when or what will happen next but I like being in the sun. I say it isn’t collectivey but it is very much a collectivey vibe.

Looking back – Everything we were told was a lie, you wont see change unless you push. I followed my heart true to what I believed.


"... for her to experience it, she will always understand better. Then to add something else she resonates with plus the rebel that anchors it for her. – Missa’s Higher Self

The cave system was controlling them in the sun, they decide when they go to the egg. When they were sleeping those in the cave system would come up and implant things to create eggs. There was no sexual activity. It was experimental. All though of similar heritage, the non haired beings were essentially mice for the haired beings.

The haired beings were more advanced, when there was a sacrifice they were seeing what went wrong biologically. Working with that science. Also keeping consciousness or soul contained within the sun and ready to draw it out and put it into the next.

The hairless beings wont be released from the repurposing cycle for a while.

After the session;

I had ringing in my ears and connected with my guides after re-listening and answered a few more questions about the session.

I changed tone many times during the session, at times sounding child-like and expressing various emotions from your typical pre-teen rebel or excitement, you could hear in the dialogue I was in genuine awe for example with the birthing tent, the curiosity that was squashed by the powers that be turned into rebellion too, a lot of defiance and frustration when discussing the elders. Especially after my partner had passed. As I aged my tone become more levelled. After I passed I was excited again I was abrupt and loud when exclaiming I was in the sun!

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