Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique - Session 002

Lets begin with some definitions before we get into this blog post.

QHHT: Dolores Cannon’s method of hypnosis, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®), involves inducing an individual into the Somnambulistic state of trance through visualization. A state which under ordinary circumstances is experienced only twice daily: the moment just before you become consciously awake and the moment just before you fall asleep. Historically, hypnotists have avoided conducting research with subjects in this state because of the often strange and inexplicable results that are recorded. Dolores Cannon begun her research of lost knowledge and reincarnation in the late 1960s by developing QHHT® for past life regression sessions with her subjects. (http://www.dolorescannon.com/about-qhht/)

QHHT Practitioner: Amber - Amber is the woman behind The Watershed Initiative, a woman of many talents. Art Therapist, Usui Reiki Master, Creator of the Evolving Consciousness Program, Multidimensional healer as well as QHHT Practitioner to name a few. Check Amber out at www.thewatershedinititiave.com


When I first come off the cloud I saw that my feet were on wet ground outdoors exploring somewhere I wasn’t supposed to be I didn’t feel anyone else around me I described myself as not male, not female. I am able to live in and out of the water.

I described my skin as blue up to my knees my clothes were tight but like a wave between my legs stopped at my crotch and then covered the rest of me. My arms were blue too, my hands had three fingers long and the ends reminded me of a frog they got sticky on the ends when wet, and I had a red fin that was up my back to my neck, my body is feels healthy and young.

The sky is orange, and has two suns the top one is smaller than the other. During the day they are side by side, when the sun sets the smaller one travels to above it. We only had one moon however we would only see it every six months however this being’s time is different to ours.

I didn’t have job, I explained I just “be” we eat fish, plants, I like the stuff on the rocks, we do hunt fish however the tribe had a holding area where we could just grab them from a trough if we didn’t feel like hunting. When we catch the fish the sticky comes out of our hands we grab them.