Aura #003a Colour Reference

Colour Reference

What vibe is my colour?

The colours are a same/same but different across the board, when I look at the colour references they are similar to many other esoteric texts I have read. The rule of thumb within the SEAS YOUR AURA readings?

The Brighter the colour, the higher the vibration!

Colour reference can get quite complicated based on the shades. Darker colours is more the negative aspect of the colour reference, for example dark red - anger then bright red is excitement. This isn't a rule of thumb as sometimes there is a flux of colour and the darker tones is sometimes reflective of release, integration and thought processing.

We are going to look at the general colour references relating to the colour profiles in SEAS YOUR VIBE Aura Reports as a quick guide for you to check back in on.

Red Grounded / Active / Passionate / Driven / Loyal / Honest / Dependable / Energetic / Fast acting (takes action) Competitive / Strong connection to physical and material world / domineering / literal thinker / individual / original / demands attention / pressure to be practical about a situation.

Orange Creative / Confident / Emotionally balanced / Flexible / Open minded / Enthusiastic / Thoughtful / Considerate / Self Disciplined / Social / Joyful / Naturally fearless / Confident enough to see outside of comfort zone / creative problem solvers / High value of friends / Relatable/ Strong sense of who they are.

Yellow Optimistic / Intelligent / Logic / Happy / High Energy / Generous / Inspires / Playful / Freedom / strong sense of self / Process with logic / Ensure everything is aligned by taking action / Natural born leaders / Flirtatious / Enjoys large social groups / Analytical and intelligent / Self esteem / personal power.

Green Self healer, helpful / Strong / Friendly / Trustworthy / Nurturing / Loving / Attractive / Abundance / Fertile / Prosperity / Focused / Driven / Goal orientated / Good at delegating / Drawn to nature and animals / Natural born healers.

Blue Hard worker / Loyalty / Respected / Natural Authority figure / Calm / Loyal / Wise / Holds deep wisdom / Inner knowledge / Family and community minded / Highly valued / Reliant on feelings to determine what is right.

Indigo Deep inner knowing / Extremely sensitive empath / Intuitive / Lucid Dreamer / Extremely sensitive to others energy / Operate from a deep depth of feeling / Trust intuition/ Easily discerning between truth and illusion / Keen observer / Very Intune with things before they happen.

Violet Clear seeing / Transformation / Highly intuitive / Access to Higher wisdom / Access to Higher Energy Sources / Charismatic / Drive to lead others / Powerful personality / Visionary / Natural empath / Vibrates at high speed / Values solitude and needs Grounding / Creative open minded.

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