Aura #003 What is it?

What Is It?

How does it actually work?

There are two types of "Aura Photography" cameras on the market Polaroid (made to order) and then the digital that operates via your computer both shipped from America.

The exception to this is Dru Ann Welch, Author of What's in Your Aura? and she has an incredible handheld 600 Aura Emulation Camera manufactured by Cebunet. It is a 600 Polaroid with an attachment allowing the auric energy to be translated into image.

We use the digital software which allows more room for experimentation with the energy and seeing the changes live within the aura. There is a hand plate, camera and laptop for our set up.

In order to understand how the software works, first we need to look at colour. We have 7 main chakras operating within our energy body, they are all associated with colour and emotional energetic states.

  • Root (Base) / Red / Slowest moving colour

  • Sacral / Orange / Second slowest colour

  • Solar Plexus / Yellow / Third slowest moving colour

  • Heart (Centre) / Green / Middle speed

  • Throat / Blue / Third fastest colour

  • Third Eye / Indigo / Second fastest colour

  • Crown / Violet / Fastest colour

The sensors within the hand plate pick up on your energy frequency and then translate that to colour. These aren't the only colours we see within the Aura, there is often pastels, darker shades, fluoro, white wash as well.

All of the colours are triggered by emotions, the brighter the colour the higher the vibration of the energy. Below is an incredible resource I share with students, this demonstrates the connection to the Aura and the Chakras.

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