Aura #002 - The View from behind the camera.

View From Behind The Camera

Perth, Aug 2020 – Apr 2021

After Byron Bay was coming up fast to my maternity leave, my employer has an incredibly generous maternity leave agreement. I had 3-4 sessions booked in with my Mentor Amber before stepping into the 9 day Master Prac NLP.


At this stage I hadn’t been exposed to Dolores Cannon that was coming on the last mentor session. When I started coaching myself I was like holy shit I want to work with colour. Colour makes me happy, how can I do this?

Then it was like a light bulb went off. I was going to buy the Aura software. I started exploring the options Polaroid costs A FUCK TONNE and continues to cost a fuck tonne once you have it and limited in its experimental capabilities.

There was the option for the digital and at first I was repelled because it wasn’t pretty like the polaroid portraits. The more I researched the more I started to like the potential the digital software had.

My manifestation journey for the aura software is a whole other story, I will share that later.

I got it, August of 2020 the TNT courier delivered my gear!

I have the software NOW WHAT?

Shit! Fuck Me! What am I doing? I am not prepared for this...

I have to put my knowledge to the test… Once I moved past the ego that was trying to tell me I wasted my time and money. Magic happened. I have had multiple bookings and events watching the energy move, seeing the energy that is around when no-one is using the hand plate.