#007 Aura Cyndel & Calliah - Part Two Calliah

Calliah (cay-lee-ah) had her first aura portrait taken in Jan 2020 the sweet age of thirteen at Crystal Castle with her Mum (Cyndel) and mum's mate Donnelle.

Calliah had completed her Usui Reiki first degree activation and attunement in August 2019 just under six months prior to this trip interstate. It was around the trip to NSW she learned via her grandma on her dads side throughout their family, they have a natural healing ability.

We sat down recently to actually discuss the experience of Crystal Castle, her Usui Reiki activation and ALL-THE-AURA portraits. Calliah recently celebrated her sweet-sixteen she is a beautiful human and has inherited the divine balance in the intelligent, sarcastic and "I will do it my way" traits that run strong in our family.

The portrait in 2020 had quite the impact on Calliah she knew "absolutely nothing" about the Aura before this experience. The woman facilitating the session said to her that "it looked like something DRASTICALLY was changing in her life" later noting "the reader was correct, as I was changing school." As you can imagine would be quite distressing for a teenager.

Just like most people Calliah too was shocked to find out that people can "READ" you from your portrait. Explaining she would definitely go back and do it again as she enjoyed how everything was explained and how nice they were.

You can see an nice even balance in the masculine and feminine energies in this photo, however she has some bruising and the colours are in flux. The recent past is quite defined, where in the future timeline it seems to be muted reflecting whatever has recently happened has started to mellow out a bit.

Having her Usui Reiki First Degree Activation & Attunement, Calliah found this helped her understand the concept of healing energy being able to see the Aura in portrait. Describing the Aura as energy around you displayed in colours. The colours are "your thoughts and feelings".

Then we looked at ALL-THE-PORTRIATS even noting that she does share similar colors to her mum in the session from Feb 2022. The review of the portraits over the last two years we picked up in the beginning Calliah was active in her lower chakras. In more recent times she has been showing the connection to her higher chakras with the prominent blues aligned with her schooling, finding her voice, and focus on her writing and creative pursuits.

Calliah has had many portraits done even assisting in testing the Pet Aura configuration with the supplier in the USA at 1am holding our girl Lotus while I took the photo. There is a reason why you don't see the Cat Aura.. They aren't the easiest subject to work with...

One of Calliah's portraits is used as a case study in the SEAS Aura Education. This portrait you can see there is a STRONG boundary in the recent past the colouring is a pinky-red which indicates doing her own thing but also frustration with those she holds dear. The boundary notice how it is so strong just before the heart chakra? She wasn't letting anyone in! The current thought space at the top of her head is a muted yellow this represents a sarcastic tone, resentment and being in her head. Then across to the future timeline the strong emotions seem to have dissolved however there is still bruising however she is more open. The muted red/orange indicates a sense of the loss in identity and also irritability and stress.

Calliah, from a tiny human used to hang out with me back at the family home in Two Rocks. When she was a toddler our, quality time was spent reading and she would always go for my dream journal. Fast-forward to late 2020, Calliah has attended events with me and loves being in my office with all the books, cards and crystals! She shares "its nice cause you explain everything in detail and don't get frustrated if we don't understand."


A snippet of Calliah's energetic portrait gallery.

Image 1. Jan 2020 - 13.8 years

Images 2 - 4. Aug 2020 Image 5. Sept 2020 Image 6. Nov 2020 - 14+ years

Images 7 - 9. Feb 2022 - 15.9 years

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