#006 Aura Cyndel & Calliah - Part One Cyndel

I learned of aura photography in my late teens and can remember being really upset in May 2006 that I couldn't have my aura photo done when my ex-mother-in-law and my partner at the time got theirs done because I had just had my daughter so energetically speaking "I was all mixed up".

Fast forward to January 2020 and myself and my daughter are exploring the grounds of Crystal Castle with my beautiful friend, who we were visiting for both her wedding and her last few rounds of radiation therapy to get rid of the pesky cancer they found in her breast.

All three of us were taking photos, chatting and laughing and I think the energies of this amazing venue were working their magic on all of us. Toward the end of our day we found the gift shop and subsequently the aura photo station. Each of us had our aura picture taken, and awaited our individual readings in the Café overlooking the incredible Guardians with the rainforest backdrop.

I can't speak for Donelle or Calliah but I have to say, some parts of my reading were like she was speaking to my soul and others took me entirely by surprise and I definitely learned a little bit about myself during that reading.

During my last trip home (I am a fifo worker) I had a catch up with my sister and she took my aura photo. We chatted about the results and she also emailed them to me which was awesome! It gave me the ability to reflect and re read my results and process it all in smaller doses. When I had my aura pictures done in Crystal Castle I wasn't able to remember everything that she said to me.

I enjoyed the family atmosphere surrounding us when I had my pictures taken (my niece even got to take a couple of my pictures.) The knowledge my sister has surrounding spirituality, auras and how she explains the readings made me both really proud and impressed. She knows her shit!

I have enjoyed both of my aura picture experiences and will continue to get them done with my sister as a way of keeping track of my healing and growth as well as for fun.

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