#005 The Trio and Their Auras

The Trio and Their Auras

If you have been following me for a while now, you will have seen that I attuned my two older kids to the Usui Reiki modality over a year ago. Showing kids energy and teaching them how to balance and protect their personal space is just as important as breathing fresh air.

I use the aura portraits as a way of showing them how their energy changes. They kinda get it but don't at the same time. They know their chakras, Bob prefers taking the photos, Liam loves talking in front of the camera to his shells.


What is an aura photo?

It’s something that you umm… a aura photo is something dat you do when someone is happy or sad or in hospital.

What’s special about it?

That you get cool aura pictures and colours in it like greens and stuff.

Do you like, that you match energy with your sisters?

Shown picture of kids matching colours**

NO! Definitely not!

Master Liam is often throwing all of the colours, he is a super theatrical kid..