#004 Aura & Crystal infused Whiskey


In the distilling process the vapors go past the still, it is in the still that the rough Amethyst, Clear quartz and Smokey quartz are siting.

Decca was reunited with Brodie after 9 months-ish apart. Decca had said over facetime many-times since we purchased the Aura gear he wanted his portrait done. One night I was doing some energy work and wanted to see how my Aura interacted with the HUGE jumbo quartz we have. Decca decided to jump on and see how his Aura reacted to having a shot glass of whiskey while I had the camera out.

It is important to note here, that any alcoholic drink is going to open your heart chakra – the opening of the heart chakra, also means letting down your guard. The shell of the aura (outer edge of the egg) there are no distinct lines, again representing that complete openness that comes with having a couple of drinks.

In the images below you will see Decca’s aura is a beautiful healthy balanced blue colour all over, then after he has finished with his shot glass the blue is lighter around the top of his head, however there is a distinct green on either side of the aura.

The green one side is much side brighter than the opposite. This flashed a bright green on the screen however I didn’t catch it at its peak. The brighter green is located in the recent past area on the aura and is the perfect visual representation of opening the heart chakra.

Now look directly opposite on the future timeline it is darker and not as vibrant. This indicates a lack of the healing, growth, renewal and openness in the near future. The lower vibrational energy also doesn’t last for long (as per the fade), let’s be honest here.. how often do you drink the night away and wake up feeling 10/10?

This case study was totally unexpected, I was thinking I would see the usual dull, muddy and holey auras with the drinking side however I was pleasantly surprised to see vibrant energy with the drinking too.

Anyone who knows me, is aware I am not a drinker, being an energy worker, healer, parent (solo) most of the month it is not something I am interested in doing as it doesn’t serve me or our house keeping shit ticking along while Brodie is away.

On and energetic level, my perception is when you open up yourself (energy fields) as well as dropping inhibitions you are leaving yourself open to anything. People with bad intention or energy attachments. My understanding is that on an energetic level entities attach and feed off your energy and bail (moving onto the next person) once you are of no use or even hang around if you are one who proves to be a consistent source of feed for them.

If you plan to hit the piss your grounding and protecting comes in handy, I guess in our space too having a fuck-tonne of crystals helps!

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