#002 Brodie - Childhood

Updated: Jul 16

Grandma Ivy had a crystal shop in Sumner, Christchurch. It was next to the old movie theatre, sometimes when Brodie would visit after the shop had closed they would go see a movie.

The shop was beachy-theme decor, like a beach house right on the coast, very open. Crystals, shells, rocks and turtle shells, in the times he was there it wasn't busy. Brodies memories are most vivid between the age 7-12 years.

Mesmerized by patterns on the turtle shells, His interests were more into shells than the crystals. The experience that sparked his appreciation of crystals was the crystal packs after the Jade Lodge tours through the caves at the top of Takaka Hill.

When white baiting and fishing with this dad he would find crystals in the rivers. Around the age of 7-8 years he would be at Judo on the West Coast finding Greenstone in the Granite Creek, Hokatika River Mouth, all though he would never keep them he would always look for them and put them back.

Cultivating strong beliefs around obtaining Greenstone, it needs to be gifted and blessed. Not stolen from local resources or an item you purchased yourself.

"...my grandma was spiritual, she had the shop but she wasn't out-spoken about it"

Grandma Ivy sold the shop and moved next to the estuary in Motueka. There was quite the distance between his house with his family and Ivy's new home. To get there Brodie would bike through a cemetery and a pine forest to get there. With his mates they would use the excess dirt from the cemetery to make bike jumps.

The cemetery was quite busy, biking through with his mates Brodie would see 20-30 people looking at graves, gardening, they would acknowledge him as he went past - frequently.