#001 Brodie – Master Manifest

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

#001 Brodie – Master Manifest

Brodie collects skulls, skulls are his favourite. When we were in Byron he was in his element when we entered Sweetness Skulls and Light, he had connected with a couple of them only one come home with us. The beautiful clear quartz skull with crow on top.

Since Brodies collection has expanded he has had his eye out for one that looks like “THE SIZE OF MY HEAD” we have seen some stunning hollow fluorite skulls that fit that category however they had already sold by the time we reached out to Linda and Kate.

Let’s fast forward about a year and Brodie is sending Missa links to a few FB Marketplace listings.

There was one that stood out for them both, another fluorite piece, rough sides, polished front and back. This divine specimen is a 10kg Fluorite Skull for $120 and pick up an hour away from us. The owner of this skull purchased it for his ex for a small fortune and wanted to get rid of it.

We sent pictures of it to our mates Katherine and Linda at Sweetness Skulls and Light to share this incredible deal as well as getting an informal estimate for our insurance this skull was $600-$900.

This is one of many stories, you can see why we call him the Master Manifestor?

Brodie has always liked skulls, he has a few tatts with them and a Living Dead Doll collection, he see's his crystal skull collection as an extension of those interests.

Brodie didn't really notice the skulls until we went to Sweetness Skulls and Light in Byron. In store we noticed an agate carving with the hand under the chin, this was awesome however it didn't make the cut coming home with us, yet...

The carving that got Brodie's attention was the Quartz with the crow on top. He saw it, knew there was a connection. Held it, and felt into the energy and decided that was the one for him. This skull was posted to us after our visit and arrived damaged (due to the courier and their wonderful handling of our precious purchase). This is where the "Unique" Agate with hand carving come into it. We both liked that one online and it was avail, we snapped it up with our store credit. When discussing his skull collection Brodie also mentions he likes his rose quartz totem this has three skulls carved ontop of each other with a point at top. Brodie said when he looks at it he gets a calming feeling and loves the quality of the carving.

Does Brodie believe that skulls can communicate with each other?

NO! Brodie doesn't believe they store information due to the fact it is a crystal that has been carved. 100% it holds the properties of the carving, perhaps even amplifies the energy however he doesn't believe they communicate nor has never felt the communication between the skulls.

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