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Crystals for your space

When you bring purchased, posted or anything new into your home, it has residual energy. 

Residual energy can interfere with you and your space. Use selenite and tourmaline to absorb any negative energy and selenite to cleanse and clear before you begin using those items. 


Manifest Box

You've heard of the Reiki Box, now it is time for the MANIFEST BOX.

This is a similar concept to the Reiki Box however you keep images, references, and whatever else anchors you into seeing what your manifesting. 

Keep gift vouchers, cash in various currencies, written statements and affirmations in here too in alignment with abundance energy. 

If you're attuned to an energy modality give this box some healing, if not focus your intent via breath. 


After the Cleanse...

Consider the energy you want your crystals and tools charged with. 

MOON (Our Inner Journey)

The New Moon: Intention, planting seeds for harvest, ready for new beginnings.

The Full Moon: Release, Letting go of stagnant energy and what doesn't serve you. 

The Waxing Moon: Curiosity, visualization, day dreaming, as your intentions build energy ready to manifest. 

The Waning Moon: Reflection, Observer.

Keep in mind, depending on other energies going on at the time you may not want to charge your crystals (eg: an eclipse) 

SUN (Our Ego & Personality)

Masculine, Doing energy, Strength, Encouragement

OCEAN (Emotional Body)

The ocean is linked into emotions and cleansing the physical and emotional body. If you have crystals with an enhydro (water bubble) submerging in the ocean will amplify the emotional support.