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Missa Williams


Missa is a Spiritual and Energy Coach, Aura photographer and Healer. As a young girl Missa was always interested in crystals, this has followed her into adulthood. After her son was born she noticed she started swapping homewares for crystals and that’s where the passion for all things metaphysical was reignited.

Missa started her ‘formal’ training with Usui Reiki 1 certificate as a ‘tick box’ pathway into another spiritual development course, she needed the Reiki attunement in order to graduate.

This lead her on to another pathway  with the Transpersonal Crystal Healing, Usui Reiki II & Masters, Various energetic attunements, Life Coaching, Aura Education and most recently Sacred Ancestral Healing & DNA Clearing as well as the incredible Evolving Consciousness Practitioner Program, undergoing this training emphasized her Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Empathic and Clair-cognizance abilities.

Curiosity sparks the drive to absorb information about Energy, Crystals, Auras and QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique). Eager to build on the solid educational foundation, you will find Missa enrolled into short courses and engaging in many spiritual development trainings, at the same time training her own students. She learns, she passes it on.

Missa’s family lives the FIFO life, she has three children between 1 – 8, she works a full time gig in facilities maintenance.

Life is FULL. The energy and excitement when Missa talks about crystals, finding vintage books on the various subjects, experiences from her own exploration, connecting with like-minded souls while educating her clients and students on all things esoteric is "why" Salt Earth & Soul "is".

Missa was recently awarded the Rachel K. Cardoza Healthcare Visionary Scholarship with the Pleiadean Institute. Missa is currently studying the four year Master Energy Healer Certification Program. This will enable Missa to serve her client with a deeper knowledge on modalities she has previously trained in and share new skills she had yet to explore prior to the Scholarship.